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Leeli sat quietly for the most part as Elle ran on with Keira at their backs. Neither girl seemed much like a conversationalist when they were goal-oriented; this time as in 'find the boulder like a wolf nearby a cave.' She sat and she sat and she sat. She attempted to stretch out her wounded leg a bit more, wincing slightly, but pleased that it could still stretch.

You know, you both are amazing runners. Does that come from being Beast Trainers or does that come from being partnered with wolves? Say if you were partnered with a mouse instead would you still be good at running? Or perhaps you can say you adapted to fit your environments of being on the move all the time?

The hours were passing. She hoped that they would find Writer soon and rescue them from whatever curse, wizard, or et cetera they found.
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Wingless Wanderings and a Cave · Uruhyo Forest

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