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Elle nodded at Keira. She started walking, letting Leeli babble. She didn't mind the fae talking but she missed the silence except for the rythem of paws and feet. Elle started off at a quick jog, not wanting to run until they were on the path. Tera was back on Elle's left flank, and the half-elf noticed that Fenrir had taken the right. She loved the presense of the wolves. She felt safe.

Elle answered Leeli, but in her head. She didn't dare interupt the little blue woman. Yes. The sooner the better. Her flight will be back soon enough, but it isn't something too crutial to a fight. We could simply put her on a high perch to keep her safe but in a close enough range that she could help fight. Close hand combat would be best. I fight better with a sword or dagger. As to the reason I have them. The bats will not get Leeli. They don't like light, so they'll stay away from the torch. One can easily be made. Images of what could possibly happen started running through her mind.

Elle shook her head, trying to regain her concentration. She needed it to be point. She picked up her pace a little once the brush lessened, the closer they got to the trail. Soon enough she was back in her running rythem, feet hitting steadily and soundly on the main path through the forest.
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