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Leeli was glad for the hand up. She settled in quickly, grabbing a stray lock of Elle's hair this time instead of the half-elf's ear. The little woman hoped that her injuries would be healed fairly quickly, but she knew that it was not to be. Though her leg was getting better, the wing was stubborn and hurt to even flutter a bit in the breeze. Oh, I hope we're not too late! Writer is probably counting on us to save them. The sooner we go, the sooner we find them and rescue them from their curse. I suppose it would be better to worry about my fighting abilities, but that can't be helped at current unless one of us is a healer past the basic medical experience. Alas... So are you both good at close combat? I'm more of a ranged attacker myself. My mobility and evasion techniques will be seriously limited. Maybe... maybe when we get there we can have Fenrir and Tera scout ahead and then we can sniff around behind and-- Do we have a torch? It might be good to have a torch if we're going to go into a cave. I hope it's not too deep. I'm not very fond of deep caves. Or bats. Do you know what a bat'll do to a faerie? Eat it. They think we're just over-sized butterflies. Of course, the bats I'm referring to are the larger varieties, but the smaller one still try to chase after the wings when they flutter, like a bored cat. I'm not really fond of cats either. They like to chase us too. It's just not easy being small. We should probably hurry along. We want to find a good resting place by dark, right? So, let's be on our way, shall we?

The blue faerie patted Elle's shoulder and flashed a smile at all of her traveling companions, even the four-footed and furry ones. Writer must be rescued and waiting would only prolong whatever agony they were suffering already.
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