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Elle nodded at Leeli and gathered her things together, throwing the pack back on her back and then turned back towards Leeli. Very gently, the half-elf lifted the faerie up and rested her onto her shoulder like before. She was careful to let Leeli adjust herself before she moved. Then she looked up at Keira as she spoke. Elle's brows furrowed in confusion over bright green eyes. She thought she saw something flash in Keira's eyes for a moment when the girl had spoken. But it quickly disapeared.

"Okay. I think we're all set. Let's go." Elle turned to the wolves. Tera had her nose in the air and Fenrir was grinning. They were so cute. Even so, the varied pack was a little unsettling. It was larger than normal and the extra pair of feet made her own sound louder. She tapped her toe on the soft earth, trying to quickly calculate how long it would be till they arrived at the lake that she remembered. She figured they would have camp set up before dark really fell but they wouldnt be there before twilight.

Elle's toe-tapping caught at Tera's attention. And she made her way towards her leader, walking past Fenrir as she did so. She touched her nose to his before moving on to stand at Elle's side. Tera let out a caugh-like bark, letting her tongue loll out to the side as she pranced on the spot.

Elle looked down at her side, and laughed. "Wow. You have a lot of energy. Might as well put it to some use." Elle started walking, still laughing, and eyes dancing with mirth. Tera followed, a bounce in her gait, her tail wagging back and forth in the air quickly. They passed Keira and Elle looked back at her. "You still got rear?"
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