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Keira squeezed water from her dripping hair, twisting it a little and then flinging it back over her shoulder. "Ready whenever you are." she stood up and looked over at Elle and the faerie by her. A flash of resentment came, directed towards Elle, but she stopped it before it came to show in her eyes. I've no reason to resent her presence...She's just like me! she thought, and looked away.

A small voice interrupted her thoughts of how far they had run though. She changed the Pack... but Keira knew that the Pack had changed as soon as she had saved Leeli and helped her out. Looking around, her eyes found Fenrir, and she couldn't help but let out a small smile for a moment as her hazel eyes rested on the silver wolf.

The canine was sniffing among the bushes. From where she was, the wolf girl could see that he had found an old rabbit run. He sniffed through it, but there was no game in that area. After another moment, the wolf looked up, glanced at Keira, and then looked to Tera, his jaw droppign in a wolf grin, and his pink tongue hanging out.

(meh, kinda lame, but it's a filler post. Let's go we say lets go!))
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