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Elle watched the wolves for a while until Keira had directed a question at her. She knew they had run quite a few miles but it definatly wasnt far enough. The journey has to be quick in order to save this Writer person. Elle looked at the water, calculating. They hadn't run past some of the landmarks that she, Tera, and Caller had normally passed when they traveled through this area of the forest that always had a promise of a long distance come. They had to be close. Elle looked up at Keira. "We've definatly come far. A fair few miles now. There should be a reasonably sized lake up ahead a ways that we should come by sometime after dusk if we're lucky. There we can eat, bathe, and sleep. I suppose we shall take a few more minutes rest and then get back on the path."

Elle reached into her pack to find her almost empty water skin. She decided to fill it with the water. Dehydration was best to avoid when running this much. Elle looked for Leeli who she found at the water's edge, dripping. "You guys just let me know when you're all set to be moving again."

Tera watched Fenrir move about in the bushes with a curious eye. She didn't follow, but her black nose twitched as she took in the scents in the forest air, wondering what had caught his interest.
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