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Rani smiled and nodded at Sage's suggestion. "That would be smart. You can probably see better in the dark though, so you'll be leading." She pushed black and white strands of hair from her bright eyes, pulling her right leg from under her and setting it firmly on the ground to get up. She stopped as Sel's voice caught her attention. Looking over to the girl, she smiled.

"I'm hit, yes. But it can wait. Three small cuts are nothing serious. Besides, you should see the other guy." With that she pushed herself back up. Her stomach twinged a little, and she sighed. It would be annoying throughout the next few weeks it would take for the wounds to heal. "Actually, no. You don't want to see the other guy. He's rather pulpy and disgusting." She chuckled quietly, trying to add some humor to the still rather unhumorous moment.

Looking around, the gigantic centaur grinned. "Shall we go?"

(sorry its short)
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Here we go again... · Uruhyo Forest

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