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We're here on business, you see... Sage started, wincing before he continued, as Sel saw to his arm.

The job was to just get rid of some pesky bandits, though there seem to have been more than I thought there had been.

He thanked Sel as she finished up with him, tying the makeshift-bandage securely around his injury. He took a moment to clean the bloody blade of his sword using the grass before he got to his feet.

It's not safe here though. They'll be back. I suggest we head toward City Randatria. He nodded, to himself more than anyone else.

Selisis however, diverted her attention to Rani.

Rani, are you injured? She asked, as he brother rose to her feet.

She couldn't be sure of course, since she had been busy fending for herself to see if the centaur had taken a hit or not, but still she was concerned. The closed paper package she held in one hand still was mostly full of herbs.

She waited for Rani to answer, and expected some gallant response such as: "Oh no, it's just a scratch." Much like Sage usually spoke.
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Here we go again... · Uruhyo Forest

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