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Jack kept his eyes on the tiger as it roared, watching its every move with eager anticipation. Unlike all the other animals in the room, who knew that only death awaited them if they made eye contact with the not-hiskr, Jack stayed where he was, safe on his perch, staring into the deep brown eyes of the lion and watching its muscles ripple under its skin. Jack refused to believe that the hiskrs on the ship belonged to the same family as this magnificent beast. As it pounced onto the boar, seizing what might just be the easiest prey the tiger had ever seen, he cheered and hollered, drumming his feet on the crate beneath him again. The mass of colours that scampered and flooded away from the tiger, as wondrous a sight as they were, failed to catch Jack's eye.

Out of nowhere, Jack remembered what he had told the faerie. It was the perfect time to fight for their freedom. His eyes were magnetised to the spot where he had last seen Viske, and as soon as he discovered that she wasn't there, he began scanning the warehouse frantically. Had she heard him? Was she setting about letting loose a flood of animals into the outside world? All he could see were animals, whether in flight or climbing up crates or scampering along the floor. He heard the sounds of the tiger change pitch, as if it had just been hurt, and then, a flash of something caught his attention by a doorknob. Something shiny. It was Viske's wing. She was trying to open the door!

Now that Jack didn't have to worry about avoiding the tiger anymore, it was a simple run across the crates and then a jump onto the floor. Making sure that as much fun made it out of the warehouse as possible, he kept an eye on the ground as he sprinted towards Viske, placing his feet on solid ground rather than on the poor, defenceless rats (as fun as that would be). It wasn't a journey to the door, and soon he had skidded to a steop right next to the door, his hand slamming into the wall to prevent his face from smacking into it. "Open! Open open open, free free free!"

Pokey waited patiently for Bena to answer, feeling her grip on his hand tighten and doing the same with his own, to let her know that he wouldn't be letting go. He nodded as she talked, definitely remembering walking along the road as he had entered the village, even though he couldn't see it from here. He was just about to walk over to where Bena had pointed, when an unfamiliar voice called her name. Pokey's head turned with Bena, and his eyes widened as he realised he'd been caught -- they'd been caught. He was tempted to run. They would be on the road by the time that Bena had alerted the village and gotten the other dracs to follow her, and he didn't think those on the Eel were likely to side with the tradition of the village, being mostly non-draconian. As Bena and Mershay talked, though, Pokey stayed exactly where he was. Maybe he could convince her. He hoped he could convince her.

"What wrong do Bena?" he asked, keeping a tight hold of her hand, ready to pull her away and run if Mershay made the slightest move towards the village. "She go. Bena gone, no can wrong anymore. No wrong to village. No worry of yours."

Both Yucky and Stomp were glad to see that their ship hadn't been overrun, although after their walk through Brambledown, that didn't seem like a very likely outcome anyway. Despite the disposition of the townspeople towards robbery, the Eel was the only ship with such tall masts docked there, which made it quite the target. "Yes, very pleasant."

"Belly not full for me, but," Stomp said matter-of-factly. Although he had eaten, that was before his time with Sisly, and what he'd done with her had certainly worked up an appetite. He regretted not getting a second helping of food while he was in the tent, although he couldn't exactly ask Chuckwaj and Yucky to turn around just to satisfy him. His tummy rumbled as he wondered when he'd encounter such fine food again, and Yucky rapped on the drac's side with his knuckles, giving him a grin. As Stomp looked over at Yucky, he remembered his training with him and wondered what use it would be with an axe. "Know much about axe, Yucks?"

"Yep," he said, his eyes flashing down towards the weapon and then back up to Stomp's eyes. "Sharp. Good for kill. Not same like sword. Need new teacher, me think." Although accidental, their conversation had successfully drowned out all trace of the scuffle beyond the town, which was already fighting against the rain and the squelching of their feet in the mud.

Misty seemed to shrink a little bit as Jan slammed her fist against the railing, and Chewy and Charky followed suit. Misty nodded as Jan told him that Darly would not be getting the cart, and he could feel his importance dwindling as she kept talking, as if she had licked her fingers and personally pressed her fingers against the wick of the candle he was holding, extinguishing its flame without batting an eyelid. Harold glanced over at Jan as he heard her mention fellows, and then turned to look at the poop deck, as if he were sizing the boys up. He knew the archers weren't built for lifting. He looked back at their 'newsbringer', who immediately stared down at the deck, and then glanced back at Jan, shaking his head.

"Me included, we got three, I reckon. Two if I mention walkin' through muck. Best not worry about her." Harold was used to swimming in dirty water, but he'd never had to wade through watered dirt. Bloom had always had suppliers of water at the docks who were happy to see whatever coin they were given for their work. He was paying for the barrels more than anything else. He knew Barrett would be happy to help out, but Lee would turn it down. Harold himself had already done a bit too much work for his liking while the ship was docked.
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