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Being squashed by a rat was a serious issue. The thing was fat with sharp pointy fingers that were digging in her shoulders. It was an especially big problem as more rats were pouring free from their crate. The idea of anyone boxing up a bunch of rats being crazy didn't even cross Viske's mind as the one rat jumped off of her and another one stamped on her face in a torrent of heavy fur and pointy rat fingers. The faerie was bruised, but it was then that the tiger roared. The rats ran for it, scampering willy-nilly away.

The boar squealed frantically as the tiger leapt on it, powerful jaws seeking purchase on the leathery hide of the animal. Of course, Viske could also hear Jack's shouting. The Freeeeeeheeheeheee! was a bit hard to miss even amidst the squawking, squeaking, howling, yowling, roaring, goring sort of noises. She shook her head, clearing the dizzies from her mind and her eyes. The world might have been spinning a little too fast as she fluttered her battered self into the air... finally.

Out door. Fun needs to go out door. Need more space... Need to share fun... She slipped towards the door, getting buffeted by one of those loose birds in frantic flight and did a nosedive before pulling herself back up. Her hands found the door knob and also found that it was simply too big for something as small as her to turn and was seemingly locked. Unsheathing her pick, Viske began to jiggle it in the lock. Surely it would open again on its own once she had unlocked it. The sounds of the tiger and the boar were growing louder as the boar began causing some damage to the orange feline's side. Monkeys were howling, like old men making bets on the sidelines.


It was the outskirts of the village. The trees were marked clearly enough and they could go no further towards it or else she would never escape. Bena's throat swallowed hard. Though she was not allowed to go to the portside town, she knew the general direction well enough. The word "forbidden" made it easy enough to remember. That way. Somewhere over there. There is a road from the village to the port. Her hand had closed around Pokey's more firmly while they had walked. Now that she was standing so close to the village she longed to escape, her hand was much more tightly around his.

Mershay came walking back from the temple she had visited after Yucky and her had fertilized her eggs. She stood, looking at Bena's back, the orange drac woman's hand in that of a man she was forbidden being with. Bena had, for the majority of her life, avoided standing so near a male other than when she danced. This was too close. The other woman gasped. Bena!

Bena's head whipped around to see Mershay standing there, hesitating. The red woman would either run back to the village to alert them or she might just scream now and the entire village would hear her and come running. It would be a simple thing to kill the woman now to prevent her from doing either one of these things if Bena had a weapon, but Mershay had never done anything wrong towards the orange drac. Please, Mershay. Don't... don't say anything.

It's forbidden! You need to be reported! It was obvious that Mershay was going to alert the village. Their escape plan, it seemed, was doomed to failure if they did not do something with Mershay.


Chuckwaj saw the tall masts of the Eel standing vigil in the harbor. The dark shapes of people moved about on her decks. He grinned. Almossst home! Then we will have to watch the ssship, but that'sss not too bad. It'sss pleasssant weather and we are full of happy memoriesss and full belliesss now, right? The noises he heard still seemed to be coming from near the warehouses, but it didn't seem to concern him at this point. The rain was muting it anyway. And there were always scuffles somewhere nearby in a port town. He debated in his head of the intelligence of going back to the ship to relieve Jan or just staying in Brambledown for the night to piss her off, but he decided to continue making for the ship itself.


Jan rubbed her temples as she heard the hiskr. She went to go get fresh water and forgot the cart... Now the dirt path is going to be covered in mud because of the rain. So not only is it going to be nearly impossible to get the cart down to her, getting it back will be more difficult. It would make more sense to just send her some men strong enough to lift the barrels and walk them back. Of course, it's going to be dirty and hard work. Damn! She hit her fist forcefully on the railing of the ship.

The hiskr that was standing there in front of her would obviously have to lead the men selected back to Darly, but they'd have no cart. There was no way she was sending the cart now that it was raining like this! Darly, can't have the cart. It's too muddy. She looked over to her colorfully clad man who had helped with the beasts below the ship. Are any of our new fellows strong enough after their injuries to lift full barrels? I need four of them that aren't going to mind being up to their knees in mud and have the upper and lower body strength to walk down to the stream with our furry newsbringer and back with the barrels. She sighed grumpily. Otherwise, Darly's just out of luck today and will have to empty the barrels and bring them back that way...
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