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"Fun fun fun!" Jack called out as he heard the flap of wings mingling with the tiger's snarls and roars. He began to hop from one foot to the other again and clap his hands, adding to the cacophony. He surveyed the room and marvelled at what had happened. It was even better than the blood and the murder that had gone on in the other warehouse! Best of all, Viske was free now, just as he'd planned. Jack stopped clapping as soon as he saw that the poor little faerie might just get crushed by the crate that he himself had sent toppling towards her. His eyes darted around the warehouse as he looked for a way to get over to her and save her, but there wasn't enough time!

Viske was gone by the time he looked back at where she had once been. Gone! Crushed flat by a crate! Jack's expression soon changed as he realised that she was, in fact, right next to the crate, and very much alive and well. He hopped up and down again, on both of his feet this time, the crate underneath him creaking like a bed in a brothel. Viske lost his attention as easily as she had gained it. His gaze immediately shot towards the tiger, and then towards the boar. He was torn over what he should ride. And then another idea struck him, an idea so brilliant that his eyes lit up like flames atop a pair of candles.

"We should let the fun-fun out the door!" he yelled, drumming his hands on his thighs like an excited child. His skirt flapped beneath the onslaught of his fingers. "Free! Freeee-hee-hee-heeee!"

The footprints that Pokey was following began to get less clear as they got closer and closer to the village, the rain having washed away the imprints that he had left. Thankfully, the deep marks left by his claws were still visible, and although he had to look a little closer, he managed to stay on the path. Pokey had no intention of asking anything from Bena, even when she was on the ship with no hope of getting back to the village. As he continued walking, he wondered how life on a pirate ship, and the inhabitants of the pirate ship themselves, would treat her. She wasn't like the other women Pokey had seen on the Eel, and from what he'd heard from Captain Bloom, women like Bena on the ship would have been a disaster. Pokey wasn't exactly inclined to believe anything Bloom said, though.

Pokey's footprints were getting less and less visible, and the trees around him were beginning to thin out a little bit, meaning more rain was falling down on the two dracs and the ground around them. He kept his eyes down on the jungle floor, only occasionally finding fully-formed footprints that had been untouched by the rain because of how close they were to the long, spindly tree trunks -- protected by the lush leaves that stretched out from them. The trail then disappeared completely, but Pokey could see something in the distance -- something that looked less like the jungle and more like a village. Pokey stopped in his tracks, raising a hand to point at what he'd seen.

"See village," he said, turning to look at Bena again. He tried to recall the layout of the village -- where he had left it and which direction the port was relative to that -- but he hadn't bothered to take note of where everything else was after he'd left. Bena might know. "Where ships?"

Yucky frowned as he stepped out into the rain, not having expected it at all. Inside the tent, there had been so many other sounds that he hadn't heard the pitter-patter of moisture against the roof of the tent, and he'd never bothered to look outside considering there was food to eat, and much warmer things to look at. His thighs also felt unusually exposed to the elements, but it was too late for him to change clothes now. The rain didn't bother him like it would a non-scaly, although after living under many layers of wood for large amounts of time, it was annoying. Stomp seemed just as peeved at the weather, although neither voiced their complaints. Their swampy-coloured scales were soon glistening with moisture.

As they walked into town, it almost looked like everyone had up and left completely, piling onto ships and sailing elsewhere for good. However, as they got closer, the orange glow from within each of the buildings became visible, and it became clear everyone was simply inside. The two of them failed to hear the scuffle that Chuckwaj had over the rain, although a faint roar managed to push its way through the drizzle. Stomp glanced over at Yucky, although he kept his eyes ahead -- he had either failed to hear it or didn't want to acknowledge it. Stomp decided he'd do the same, his gaze returning to Chook, who was leading them both.

Misty pursed his lips as he saw Jan react to what he had said, and as she spoke, this escalated further, his lower lip moving back so that his teeth could sink into it and hold it in place. His expression was meek as she asked where Darly was. "Water," he muttered, loud enough to be audible over the rain but lacking the strength and conviction Jan's voice possessed. Harold was smirking now, but looking elsewhere, and Charky and Chewy were looking at Jan with quiet anticipation.
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