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The trod on crates shook and rattled as Jack's feet swept from one to another, awakening or agitating the contents of each and every single one. Howls, yowls, yips, and growls all began to activate into a larger chorus. The tiger below hissed and bunched itself as it watched the pirate's swift movements for signs of attack. Of course, some of the smaller crates came crashing to the floor and on top of each other. Black rats came free from their enclosure, popping forth like a geyser of fur. A pair of white doves flew dizzily free, launching themselves at the confines of the ceiling. A skunk sprayed its scent as its box hit down, but did not break open. With all of the noise, the tiger began to pounce and attack indiscriminately. Rats screamed in terror, boxes jumped underneath large paws before splintering and releasing more frightened animals into the room. Squirrels, snakes, a wild boar, and many more were suddenly finding at least partial freedom.

The monkey that held Viske felt its cage groan under Jack's weight and startled just as he thought it would. It screeched in agitation and released Viske's wing. The disoriented faerie didn't know what to think as she ended up falling onto the ground just as the upset monkey crate toppled over and slammed into the floor beside her before teetering precariously in her direction. She squeaked in alarm as the danger was registered and flailed out of the way on her hands and knees as the crate slammed where she had initially landed. The already weakened containment unit was easily pried open by the monkey's strength and it flung itself loose from its confinement. The room was fluttering with noise and movement.

Viske's eyes widened, her heart pounding in her chest like an overenthusiastic drummer. Chaos. Utter chaos. Her open mouth transformed into a devilish smile. Fun fun! Then one of the black rats fell on her with a heavy thud.


Bena followed in Pokey's footsteps. Their pace was not overly fast, but not slow either. Her feet were steady on the trail, picking through the growth probably more easily than Pokey's. Her brilliant color was only made more vibrant in the rain that fell, her orange against the backdrop of green stunning. The man held onto her hand, leading her onwards on a path that she feared yet accepted. It was a new path that had never once opened before to her. She would make her own destiny now instead of being bound by the laws of the society she had seemingly been born into. She could breed if she so chose and not if she chose not to. She could dance for audiences of unknown lands, own wealth, or be whatever she wanted. She could even learn a new trade! Terrifying and exhilarating. And Pokey did not regret liberating her, so he had said. The woman worried what he might ask for in exchange for this favor even if he wanted nothing now. All things had a price, this she knew all too well.


Chuckwaj nodded and led the men out of the tent and towards the road back to the port. The rain was heavier now, but the mint colored drac's heart felt lighter. The entire excursion had been a delightful diversion and, with the rain coming down like it was, he had a feeling that they would be wanted to watch the ship. Dracs were the best in rain because moisture could never bother a healthy scaled creature. Some of his scales were still rifled up underneath his shirt, but they would settle quickly as he moved, he figured. Back to the ssship!

As they distanced themselves from the draconian village and neared the port town, it was obvious that the streets were nearly deserted due to the weather. Lamps were lit inside of the shops and homes, but other than that, the way was gloomy. Chuckwaj didn't mind it, though he thought he heard scuffles coming from the warehouses near the port...


Jan understood Misty now. Her eyebrows lowered in irritation and she sighed heavily. She should have taken the cart. Ugh! Where is she now? Still in town or over by the stream, getting fresh water? She rubbed her right temple and affixed her sharp eyed glare on Misty's face.
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