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The drow chuckled as she told of hating him at first. You never hated me. I just confused you. That's all. He sighed happily. It wasn't long after that she supplied more words. I would think that we have about a two days' ride back if we keep up a steady pace with little detours or diversions.

Alanthan kept up his strong gait. It wouldn't be longer than another hour before they would have put TaƩlothloren behind them completely on their roundabout path. Collin somewhat dreaded returning to the city that they met as that would be akin to heading into a lion's den. With Katarina gone, her spot as assassin would open to someone else who was nearly as fearsome. If whomever that was heard that she was back within the realm of their intrinsic pecking order, that person might also seek to put an end to her other than just the thief and his ilk. Who knew how many eyes would be watching them once they became even the slightest bit visible? We need some disguises very badly. Rob farmhouses? We need to hide under a facade as much as the next gutter urchin does. We are a good team, but can we fend off the whole city? He left himself stay silent, pondering what supplies they would need and how much time he had left with her who still clung to his middle.
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