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Rani heard Sage's question, as she stepped back into the full light of the fire, the expression of hate only just barely starting to fade from her face. Her hooves thudded loudly on the ground as she shook herself, armor jangling loudly. The three shallow cuts on her stomach were seeping blood through her thick leather armor, and she sighed as the pain started to hit her for the first time. -Shoulda kept my guard up a little better.-

"I'm okay. Looks like you got hit worse than I did." She looked over to Sel, and grinned, trying to lighten the mood a little, and posed dramatically, fiercely. "I'd like to say the ran away because of me...*pause and pose* but honestly, I don't know. Maybe the fools realized that we were too much to handle." The mare looked down at her swords, wiping them clean of blood before sheathing them, and then realized that she truly had more gore on her hooves than her weapons. She sighed, wiping them carefully on the grass, getting as much of the stinky stuff off as she could

The fire flickered slightly as a breeze came through and brushed by the three travelers. Rani raised her nose, trying to smell if anything was out of sorts, but nothing seemed wrong anymore. And no abnormal sounds broke through the peaceful night anymore either. "Let's hope they really have run off. Never can tell what those theiving fools will do." Her mutter was showing and obvious hate for the unlawful thugs. She settled down again, ignoring the twinge from her stomach.

"So, where did they come from?" She vaguely remembered Sel's shout from earlier in the battle, and was curious as to why bandits would be after these two.
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