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Of Moonlight, Curses, and a Valley
Keira winced even as she was set down, her burned shoulder stiff and her side sore. Fenrir walked over to her and flattened his ears, his tail lowering but wagging slowly. His nose pushed into her face a little and he whined softly, licking her jaw as she reached with one hand to rub his ruff. Burying her fingers in the fur calmed her down a little.

She looked up at Dmitri as he came up, sharp eyes looking him over. He was shaking lightly from exhaustion, and he looked a bit ragged. The young woman blinked lightly, not quite so grumpy now that she wasn't being carried, and the love of her wolf was making her feel better. "I'm fine." Her voice was still gruff, but there was no actual annoyance in it.

"Elle? My stuff please?" She was glad the other woman had agreed to carry it. Her glaive would've been awkward to have with her while she was being carried. But now, she wasn't, and she wanted her favorite weapon.


Kail fluttered off of Fenrir and moved over the Leeli. He smiled at her, wishing that there was a fruit tree. He had never liked grass.

Not The Underdark!
The lizard heard the hissing noise of the comb, and his eyes locked onto her shiny hair, admiring the pure exoticness of it. He had always been brought up thinking of scales and earfans and claws making someone beautiful. In all honestly, most humans were ugly to him. Shalin he found a beauty in her because of the raw power she had in her grasp, Tali, was a child, and every child is beautiful in someway, even if it isn't looks. But Ra couldn't tell why he was so pulled towards Nephi. Beautiful Nephalia... He smiled slightly at her back before he remembered the actions from before they had slept. Instantly he was hit with the momentary depression, the curiosity of why, and the hurt that had come with her rejection.

Why was she so...distant? He blinked at her back, his eyes admiring the gemstone river of obsidian down her back, finding himself wanting to run this claws through it rather than the comb she was doing so with. His mouth opened, and he wanted to speak, but then he stopped himself. He wasn't sure why her rejection had hurt so much, but it had, and he didn't want that again. He was used to rejection, but not when he was offering help to someone that at least somewhat trusted him.

He looked down at the floor,and then back at Nephi, and then decided he might as well wait. She probably would not talk to me anyways... He let his tongue flick out and back in, letting out a single "SssssS" And shifting slightly.

Of Moonlight, Curses, and a Valley
Keira kept her grumblings throughout the day to a minimum. She was wounded, and she wasn't slowing down the group by having Dmitri carry her. And his run was faster than she'd normally go anyways. Fenrir stayed close to Dmitri's flank, his ears and tail held high aggressively to remind Dmitri that he was still lower in the pack hierarchy. By the end of the day though, Keira was just as exhausted as everyone else, though it was from being carried around. Her gruffness was more than usual even, grumpy as she was.

Fenrir's tongue hung out to the side, and his tail was farther down than he had started out with. The run had been tiring for the wolf as much as anyone else.

Keira growled roughly at Dmitri. "Put me down."


Kail had gone between clinging to Fenrir's fur, and fluttering to keep up. He had ridden Fenrir mostly, because even with his quick flying, he wouldn't have been able to keep up with the rest of the running of the group. He panted even so, his wings sore from balancing and his hands red from holding the coarse fur, his legs achy from trying to hold on. He was tired too.

The Burning of Yunkel
His own grin almost as wicked as Calsylar's, Shayne looked for a moment as if he was reveling in the feeling of blood dripping down his skin, running in rivulets from the deep cuts in his shoulder. They dripped over scars and smooth tan alike. "So sad... The snuggling usually catches food off-guard." He flexed the hand that had held the demon's tail, his own skin burning slightly with the burn from friction. He stepped forward a single step, flexing his shoulders slightly as he clenched his hands and then let them relax.

Another step forward, and Shayne paused, "Though I can see, as much as you don't like to snuggle, you seem like the type to play..." He lunged forward into a charge, fully knowing that it wouldn't catch Calsylar, he just had to get him to move again.

Not The Underdark!
Ra's thoughts dwindled down rather quickly. The lizard was still quite tired from his ordeals in the underdark, and the stress of the underground world had worn his constitution some, even though it was truly not that long of a time that they had been there. But no matter for that, the draconian's eyes closed, his arms loosening around Tali slightly, and his body basking in the heat of the warm blooded centaur he was curled against.

His mind returned to the sunning rocks of his childhood, as memory took him back in his dreams. His earfans twitched as the sound of the river and splashing came to the scene.

***time passes by***

Ra wasn't sure how long he had rested when his gemstone eyes opened once more. He lifted his head from Shalin's back, the cool are swiftly turning his warmed scales cooly neutral once more. Tali was still in his arms, and the two guards were still around. He sighed, wishing for a moment that he had truly been back home.

Wingless Wanderings and a Cave
Keira frowned a little as well as she realized that it would be incredibly hard for Dmitri to carry her and her belongings. And the little that she had was all survival gear, things that she didn't need, but would rather not lose. Especially not when she had so many people willing to... She blinked up at Elle, hiding a sigh, her eyes grudgingly accepting once more as she nodded at Elle's suggestion to add them to her own load. The young woman held back a growl, her independence spiking her resentment of those around her. Should've stayed in the wilderness, stupid wolf-girl... would never have run into these people... Her unending line of thought of similar phrases were not really her feelings, so much as her venting.

She sighed a little and shifted a little in Dmitri's arms, laying her head on his muscled shoulder. "Let's go." Her eyes turned to look around them, wondering which way they would be running now. Fenrir looked up, waiting for Dmitri to move. He had the alpha, so for the moment, he was leading.


Kail fluttered up from the ground, hovering somewhat above Fenrir, he smiled as the wolf looked at him. He wasn't so scared of animals as he was of biggies. His small hand reached out to stroke the wolf's furred ear somewhat, and his arm would have to sink halfway in to reach the skin at the base, where the fur was a little longer. Then the fae looked up. He was ready.

The Burning of Yunkel
Calsylar now behind him, Shayne snarled. Stupid speed. For a big man, he was fast, even faster than most of the extremely agile assassins, where their speed and agility were their saviors. But this demon was more than human, or less. Whichever fit best, the big man didn't care. He felt the blow coming towards his back, and knew that the cuts would be deep, and he didn't care. What was even a sparring session, without a few good wounds?

He dropped the claymore, but he didn't dodge forward. Instead, he spun on his heel, bringing his upraised hand with the tail in it down towards the demons head and reaching swiftly out to grab the brown and white beast with his other hand, bulky arm bulging to pull the demon in closer. Speed alone wouldn't beat him, but if he could just keep him still plain brutality would. So Shayne lunged forward into the attack, angling the top part of his chest to me hit at an angle to let the claws slide off. His malicious, smiling snarl let loose a roar as he did, blue eyes intense.

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