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The Burning of Yunkel
The man's chest swelled with a lion's pride as her words reached his ears. His shoulders straightened more than they were and his grin stretched from one side of his face to the other, showing straight teeth. A small voice urged him to be careful, that this woman had changed her ways much to quickly to be true, but his pride overwhelmed the thought for the moment. He had earned compliments from this seemingly uncaring woman. He was opening his mouth to reply when the camel let out its call.

He spun around, hand reaching for his claymore, only to find that the camel was dragging the barbarian away. His eyebrows dipped down in confusion, but he let them go without any objection. His interest was in the powerful, demon controlling woman more than the rage-inspired man. He was too righteous.So he simply watched him go.

Then, the troll turned back, and his words broke though Shayne's bemused look. He coughed lightly, looked between his two new acquaintances and nodded. "So we shall." He flourished a slight bow in Sigh's direction, a courtly gesture that would usually clear a path for a lady to go first. "M'lady?" He waited for her to start moving, ready to fall into step beside her.

Wingless Wanderings and a Cave
Kail laughed, even as his breeches muffled it, hitting him in the face. The soft leather was easy to slip back on over his muscled legs, and his wings fluttered, pulling him back up to his feet, where he stepped to the rest of his clothes. Dressing wasn't too hard for him. He kept simple clothing. The moccasin boots slid onto his feet with no trouble, and he didn't bother with the shirt yet, instead, he slung his quiver over one shoulder, tucking his shirt under the leather strap, and stepped over to Leeli quickly. "I do believe my dearest woman can well take care of herself. What with those sparks..." He glanced up at the fork, grinning. "I believe most creatures would be quite deterred, after getting shocked, my beautiful lady."

He held out a hand for her to take, all of his stuff slung over a free shoulder. He was clothed only by breeches, his belt and his moccasin boots, and each of his muscles rippled over his body as he reached out. "But as we are now being somewhat responsible...let's go." He grinned at her, his tanned brown body blending in with the dark rather well, though his amber eyes seemed to glow with their own inner light.


Keira relaxed a little as Dmitri shifted to take her hand. In fact, she moved a little, shifting that arm to help him be a little more comfortable as well. Her fingers were holding his hand firmly, the grip of a strong warrior. But her slim fingers could have easily been delicate, had she chosen a different life path. It would've been such a strange thought, had she been awake. But she slept one, easier now that she was surrounded by warmth.

Not The Underdark!
Hefting Nephi up into his arms, Ra was careful to not jostle her leg too much, afraid that he would hurt it even more. His arms hugged her close though, his eyes protective of the hurt woman. He did not trust drow. From everything that he had heard of them, they were nothing but bad news. Eat their own children sometimes... He recalled one of many stories he had heard in a tavern, late at night. Calm lizard, you know that you were intoxicated... He blinked at the two Qsar who were guiding them, glad that if nothing else, they were so bound by tradition that they would keep their word for sure.

"Let's hope that it's soon...because I tire of darkness..." He sighed lightly, knowing that Nephi might say the same thing of the light. Her eyes will have to adjust. We'll want to keep her in shade for the most part. I don't want her to go blind from getting a sudden burst of light... He stepped after Shalin, nodding at Tali for her to walk in front or beside him. His long tail swung behind him, hovering off the ground, and the draconian lost himself in thought, though he kept a close watch on the Qsar, and his companions.

Wingless Wanderings and a Cave
Kail chuckled quietly at his beloved Leeli. He had no clue exactly when their next romantic moment might be, but he knew for sure that he wouldn't end up planning for it. Just like this time, he knew that the next moment might be just as spontaneous. "I've no exact clue, my love. We fae are, after all, naturally spontaneous for such as that." He grinned at her, pulling her close as responsibility came back to his mind. "We probably should go back to camp, and sleep a bit. I wouldn't want to slow anything down tomorrow." Keira's wounds had slipped his mind, as he was totally focused on the woman in his arms.


Keira's eyes flickered under her eyelids as her dreams changed once more.

Curled up in a ball, under a pile of furry bodies, the young teenager smiled in her half awake-ness. She had slept very well, surrounded by five wolves that had accepted her into their pack. She snuggled deeper, not wanting to have to go back to her human home. But she knew that they would be looking for her soon. It was an hour past the time that she normally returned from her morning trainings.

The bugle of a horn startled her to full awareness along with the rest of the wolves, and she sat up with a look of surprise. Had they managed to track her? How? The wolves looked around for a moment, and then the Alpha growled lightly, turning to run, as they usually did from the humans. Only Fenrir stayed by her side as she nodded at the backs of her pack. Their tails were swiftly disappearing into the sparse forest.

Keira heard the twang of a crossbow, and right after, the pained yelp of a wolf. She screamed silently, running towards the sound, and dropping to her knees beside the wounded pack member. She cried as her fingers dug deep into the thick fur, refusing to leave the body, though the life was fast fleeing.

The woman's fingers tightened, digging even deeper into Dmitri and Fenrir's fur.

Not The Underdark!
Ra's ears echoed with her cry of pain, and he winced, his eyes catching site of the guards movements. Well, at least one of them wanted to... They are heavily bound by tradition and culture... He looked up at Shalin. "I wish I were better at things such at this..." It was very obvious that her cry of pain, despite his stoic continuance to finish binding the leg, had disturbed him. His eyes caught site of the leech that Shalin was talking about. He stood up from where he was, stepped over to her, and reached out with his claws, grabbing the leech and pulling it off. It left with a small popping sound, and squished between his fingers, blood seeping from it. Ra grimaced. "That is so disgusting."

He wiped his hands off on his pants, and then stepped back to his swords, sliding the blades to hook into his pack, blades bare. He then picked up his spear again, and looked to Shalin, "Are we ready?" He squatted down to slip his arms under Nephi and pick her up once more.

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