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A Faerie's Fancy
As the group slowed, Keira did as well, giving Fenrir the signal to go about as he pleased. He trotted off to happily sniff around the place that Elle had chosen as a rest stop. Keira herself dropped back quickly, finding a convenient bush to crouch behind and relieve herself. She could hear the stream that was nearby, and so after, she trotted over towards it, making sure that she could see Elle and Leeli for the moment, and that she was visible to them. She was slightly disoriented by running with such a mismatched pack, after having run with Fenrir and only other wolves for so long.

Kneeling down by the stream, a few feet upstream from Elle and Tera, she reached a hand down, testing the water. It was refreshingly cold, and so the girl happily laid her glaive beside her on the ground. She happily splashed it over her hot, flushed cheeks and running it through her dark hair. Her dark makeup, or the remnants of it from the day before (and a long day it had been) streaked down her cheeks as the water did. Carefully, long fingers wiped the black away, from both above and below her eyes. Without the dark lining, she looked much more approachable though the glint in her eyes and the set of her jaw still made her look very wild.

She ran fingers through her hair, picking out leaves and twigs, brushing out bits of dirt from the day before. When she finished, finally looking up at the world again, she looked like a young teenage girl, granted, she was a very muscular one, but still, a teenage girl. Fenrir panted lightly as he trotted around pausing to brush against Keira before wading into the stream to drink from it.

A Faerie's Fancy
Keira watched as Elle started off. After a few seconds, she looked at Fenrir, beckoning him to her flank and falling into her usual, ground eating lope. Her fingers wrapped tightly around the glaive's staff, her arm bent to hold it off of the ground. She found it strangely easy to be around others, feeling as if she truly were just with a wolf pack. It was probably partially because there was two wolves with them, but even so. Her pace matched that of Elle's keeping a few feet of distance between them to avoid running into her.

Hazel eyes searched the trees, and she kept an eye of Fenrir to keep track of what signals he gave as well. As Elle spoke to Leeli, the girl frowned a little, wondering why Elle had such a problem with taking the path. She didn't mind going off trail, but Elle seemed to have a true aversion to walking on a path provided by people. Deer paths were no different, they were simply smaller and made by animals. So what was the problem?

Fenrir's jaw was open, his tongue hanging out and his ears forward. His fluffy tail wagged lightly behind him, and his fur waved with his movement. Keira looked over at him, meeting his amber gaze and smiling. She looked ahead again, her scowl back instantly, and kept her breathing steady. Way too much talking for a wolf pack. Wolves aren't nearly as verbal as we are. She shook her head, her hair tangled around her face.

A Faerie's Fancy
Keira shrugged, and then winced as her shoulders and back protested. "I'm fine. We can get food along the way." She looked around, trying to see where she would be of help to take down camp, but couldn't see anything that Elle wasn't already doing. A sigh escaped her. I'm gunna miss traveling by myself by the end of this. But that's okay. Because after this, I can go back to my normal life. I'll travel around with Fenrir. Live my life the way I want. And I won't get trapped by stupid slave traders...

With a very quiet growl, her face fell into its usual scowl, hazel eyes darting around as she waited impatiently for Elle, producing no protest that she wasn't carrying Leeli. Her shoulders were quite sore from jumping out of that tree. "I'll take the rear." She stated simply, waiting for Elle to grab Leeli and start moving in point position.

Fenrir looked up at his leader, letting his jaw drop open in a wolf grin. His leader was normally this gruff, even more so around people, so he was at ease. But the canine's pointed ears were still sharply turning around to make sure no one would be sneaking up. Tera's energy, in that burst, seemed to spread a little to him even more. He pranced in place, shifting weight between his two paws as he sat, waiting beside Keira.

A Faerie's Fancy
Keira felt the familiar warmth of Fenrir, and curled tighter, burying her face deeper against him. He grumbled, lifting his head as Elle's voice sounded throughout the clearing. His amber eyes were bright and his ears perked up as he scanned the clearing. No threat was visible. He could smell Leeli and the berry she had eaten, Tera, Elle, and of course the girl sleeping on him. Tail sweeping back and forth gently, he stood up, letting Keira's head slide from his fur.

Thud. Keira's skull hit the ground lightly, jolting her awake. Instantly her hand went to her glaive wrapping around the handle firmly as she lay still for another moment, letting her eyes focus. Then she looked at Fenrir, letting out a small growl. He lowered his ears and ducked his head, but let a playful look come into his eyes. The girl couldn't stay mad at him. She sat up, smiling and looking around her hand set firmly on her weapon. Her head hurt a little and her body was extremely sore and stiff.

Groaning a little as she forgot that others were there, Keira rolled over and stretched much like a wolf or cat as she did so. Then she levered herself to her feet with her polearm before remembering the other people there. "Good morning, Elle, Leeli." She acknowledged Tera with a look. "So when do we start?"

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City Treasure Hunt?
Fyra opened her mouth to reply as Pheena's question got her attention, but the half elf was already gone. Her green eyes flickered to the other hiskr, noticing him tipping his hat to her and under her fur, her skin flushed. Her ears flicked sideways in a mixture of surprise, and embarrassment. No one tipped her hat to her usually. A common thief and cat burglar wasn't supposed to be noticed enough to have hats tipped. At that moment, the cat woman found that she had been staring and quickly turned to follow Pheena up the stairs, at a somewhat slower, much more dignified pace.

Then, with a sudden realization of what she was doing, the cat laughed quietly and sprinted up the stairs after Pheena. When she got up there, she realized, just as Pheena had, that the door was locked and she hadn't palmed the key from Koro. "We both forgot the key..." She grinned at the half elf.

She crouched down in front of the door, bringing her eyes even with the lock. Green eyes evaluated the quality of the lock, and Fyra nodded. The man put good locks on his doors. She stood straight again, going back to the stairs. "Koro! C'mon, you've got the key!"s She practically sang the words down the stairs. As she did this, she caught sight of the other hiskr again. 'What is it about him? He just catches my eyes...'

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A Faerie's Fancy

Keira was rolling the other girl's words through her head, and then Leeli let out her small outburst. She sat up a little straighter, but she could see that whatever she would've been able to do, Elle would be doing for the little faerie. Which, right at that moment, was nothing.

When Elle came back and sat down by Tera, she realized that she had nothing to say. What could she say to someone who went through the emotional pain of letting go of a family member, on a regular basis? And with that thought, Elle leaned back and was asleep against her companion wolf.

Keira sighed and looked around. Leeli was asleep, Tera had just closed her eyes, Elle had soundly gone to dreamland, and Fenrir had relaxed hours ago. With a sigh, she stroked the fur between her large wolf's ears. "Someone's gotta keep watch, right?" Her voice was just a bare whisper. She kept her eyes open and ears sharp....

For two hours she sat, and then found her eyes slowly drooping. With a jerk she shook herself awake. if they were caught unprepared, who knew what might happen...But her eyes drooped again, and over the next few minutes, she settled down, leaning against Fenrir and slowly falling asleep. Creeping like a snail over rocks, her own mind slowly crawled into dreamland...

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