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Anger ran through her, cold as the wind outside. She would not be dismissed so easily. Her tail swung two lashes before stilling except for the black tip twitching. Her ears flattened completely, and her lips raised in a snarl, "Lerraway isss a fool!' She growled, her short -fingered hands flexing, claws digging into her palms. Her voice lowered to a growl "And ssso arrre you." Her anger made her bold where she was usually quiet, along with her outrage at having her advice turned away as such. Who would care if squires died? She certainly would. And just because Brown didn't, their families, their friends... they would!

With an additional growl, her shoulders puffed a little more, making her appear a bit bigger. "You and Leraway can leave, i don't care. Die in the snow.' Her voice shifted to a quiet, threatening hiss. "But I will push yourr gutsss down yourr thrroat if you think you will drag those ssquiress or my elf out of thiss building." her tail jerked to one side and then the other, even as she tried to control it. Pale eyes glinted with fury. "The only people who can navigate a storm like this are my own. Whoever is persuing you has no idea that this town exists. They aren't on the maps. And they certainly won't be out until well after the storm is over.' taking a breath, she forced her hackles down. How could she get through to him?

Her eyes strayed to Ned, and she felt her heart warm. He was so eager... but she could not think of what would happen if he was led out in this snow. Gaze back on Brown, she lifted her ears, offering a bargain. "I will guide you through the snow. Through ways that will not be found. But we wait until the storm is over. No human will survive this wind. Your flat fur will not suffice. My word that whoever pursues you will not find you.' Cautiously, she offered a hand, hoping that he would take it, and accept the compromise of sorts.

Ever cautious, neither the innkeep nor Rhyn lowered their guard. Brad took his hand from the crossbow, but left it atop the counter, and while Rhyn lowered hers, she did not slide it back into place for quite some time. She watched as they dragged the body out, and tried to keep her ears up rather than flattened threateningly. They already seemed to think her some sort of animal, and she did not wish to prove them more the right. Despite that, her hackles remained raised in the slightest.

She watched, and Brad pointed to where the boys could melt water to scrub blood from the floor. They were leaving, and that was a relief. But in this storm...? Rhyn couldn't suppress her worry for the young man she had begun to talk to earlier. He had only their flat fur that clothing mimicked, nothign stronger. They would all freeze, and though she could care less about Brown or Rayond, both who made her fur shiver, it was not fair to the boys. But were their lives worth helping the men who had disturbed the peace of her life? Her ears flickered forward, catchign Brown's want for the elf to come with them, and at that, she felt her lips raise to show sharp teeth. No choice now. She would have to go.

A brief exchange with Brad sent him from the room, going to gather supplies from the closet. She slipped her crossbow back into place on her back, and slid forward, silently. She stuck to the shadows and then entered the more lit area as she came near to Brown. Though her voice was low, it carried easily to his ears, a rumble of a growl hinted within it. "You will kill them all, leaving in this storm. You put yourself in danger, but worse, you put children and infirm in danger as well." Her thick tail lashed back and forth and her ears flattened unhappily. "It would be better if you waited at least until the storm subsided. It should only last a few more hours.' Her speech was slow, and enuciated so that she did not speak with her usual rolling and hissing of 'r's and 's's. Pale eyes stared at Brown, hoping that he would take her advice.

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