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Rhyn had retreated slightly as the exchange between Brown and Een had gone on. She was good at that, backing away until she was but a shadow within the interactions between people. They were usually unimportant to her. And none of this made sense to her anyways. It was all... lowlander thoughts and values. Who cared about who was lord of what castle? In the end, the mountains would claim you. Better it was, to live life fully, and find solid friends. The two men didn't seem particularly close...

Een's voice addressed her, and her ears flicked in acknowledgement. Her voice was rough. "I will tend to your feet soon. Tried to walk too soon." Her voice was slightly scolding, but the glare she shot was at Brown, for it was his fault. "Out, Brown-man. time to leave Een alone." She shoved Brown out the door and then stepped out herself, shutting it firmly behind her.

Standing for a moment, her tail swayed as she looked at the man who she had thought was a criminal. Pale eyes scrutinized him, and then she finally found words. "Men lie about lesser things." The words were quiet, the tone almost ominous, and then she turned, walking towards the stairs and beginning to pad down them.

Rhyn frowned at the elf's reaction to Leraway's words. What did it matter if he was trying to trap Brown? The man was manacled, and obviously dangerous. Why was she helping a man who had threatened her life? The key clinking onto the floor made her eyes follow it as Brown fell to pick it up. As he unlocked the shackles from himself, the feline crouched a little, her tail swaying. After a moment though, as he mentioned that he didn't know who to believe, the cat snorted loudly.

"Lowlanders. You make no sense!" She turned, looking up at Een and demanding shortly. "Sit, elf-lady, before I make you. Frostbitten feet don't heal easy." She reached out and gently pushed at Een's hip pushing her towards the bed with enough force to make the intention clear but not bowl the woman over. A wary eye was kept on Brown and Rayond. Her ears turned sideways in frustration. Why were they not leaving the room?

Her fur fluffed a little, one side of her mouth lifting in a snarl of disdain. Not only was Leraway rude, but he then claimed she had not kept her word, when he had interrupted the process. He had doubted her ability even to stay alive, and yet believed himself to be able to stay alive in the face of this man. Pale eyes darkened as silent anger flew through her and then fled. Her fingers reached up, brushing aside her fur and sending up a prayer to her Hiskr god of silence, rubbing the metal that was cast in his symbol.

Ears perked, Rhyn slowly schooled her face into cool neutrality, listening to what was going on. So Brown was receiving his inheritance? And Leraway thought it necessary to drag the man kicking and screaming through the snow to it? Her eyes looked to Brown as he moved, muscles tensing enough that she was ready to bring her crossbow up. But he only stuck the scimitar into the floor and continued to talk.

A small sigh swept through the cat as the situation diffused. But she wondered if the large man was lying simply to make Brown cooperate. Her ears flicked. It didn't matter. With a bit of hesitation, she stepped forward, her irrelevant seeming form coming starkly into view. Her hoarse voice was quiet, but the timbre made it carry. "You are done here. Both, leave. Go to your room, if need talk." Her ears were flat and sideways, unhappy with the whole situation. Her eyes fixed on Rayond. "See where lies get you, human? Had you told truth earlier, wouldn't have had to had this happen. You have the patience of a pup on its first hunt." Again, disdain colored her words. She slung her crossbow over her shoulder, moving carefully around the two humans, stepping to place her small form between Brown and the elf.

Her voice was firm. "Out."

Rhyn had been about to respond when she heard the slightest amount of arguing from downstairs, followed quickly by steady, heavy steps on the stairs. Those were not Brad's steps. She shifted uncomfortably, and waited. Waiting was what she was good at. Leraway's voice came through the door, loud and clear, and she watched Brown carefully, eyes narrowing as he raised the blade once more. Her tail swayed as her grip on her crossbow tightened. She would do all she could to keep the elf alive. Brown would die before she let the elf die.

As he told her to open the door, she hesitated, but only for a moment, before reaching out with one hand, and turning to knob. Swiftly, she stepped to one side, out of the way, and in her manner, seemed to almost disappear, a shadow of irrelevance.


Bradley remained silent through the exchange between the squires, and his eyes narrowed as Leraway moved to go up the stairs, pausing to tell his people to burn the place if he wasn't back down in half an hour. The innkeeper looked at the candles that were burning to check time, and then tilted his head a little, to make sure his crossbow was where it was supposed to be, tucked underneath the bar. He would let a criminal go before he let his inn burn down. Last Chance had been his home for far too long.

Not that they'd be able to get a fire to keep in a blizzard like this. He paused, and looked to Nev, who was now looking quite distraught. and over at Remmy, who had crushed the younger boy in his worry. It was a sad day when even the squires were such pessimists. He refilled' mugs with cider, and murmured to Nev. "Ignore him. Believe me, you, boy. We would not have heard nothing had there been fighting. Rhyn's quiet, but she doesn't have to be. She's not so dumb as to not call for help should she have needed."

Brown was reluctant to tear his gaze away from the spotted feline in front of them, but Een's voice drew his eyes to her. The man frowned. Why she was so intent on helping him was a mystery. Sure, she said she was looking for an epic tale to write, but why was it so obviously him she wanted to write about? He had been wronged, yes, but in comparison to the wrongs he had done to others, he all but deserved-

The man's attention was cut off as long eyelashes batted and he swallowed as his heart thumped loudly in his chest. For a moment, he found himself completely distracted, his eyes drawn her first her face, then her hair tumbling down over her shoulders. Despite her figure, she still had the softness of a woman to her, and he found that when he looked, she was a very exotic sort of attractive, the curve of her hip disappearing underneath the blankets. Her voice caught his attention once more, and the man shuddered, shaking himself back to wariness as his brown gaze fell onto Rhyn once again.

Her thick tail swayed back and forth, betraying her tensed muscles and her uncertainty. The words the elf spoke made sense, but Rhyn didn't like Brown. He was...dangerous. Like a caged wolf she had seen once. Wolf set free though, and he never bothered you... Her head tilted, eyes narrowed as thought flew through her. Was Brown like the caged wolf then? Would he happily run off to return to his life from before? The silence drew out as she examined what she could see of the man. The sword in his hands was much like the snarl that the wolf had bared at her, his reactions just that, reactions, made out of fear and a fight for freedom.

Rhyn lowered the crossbow even more. She hadn't liked the wolf either. But she had liked the hunters who had caught him less. Her thoughts moved to Leraway. She wasn't sure what to think of the man. She had never liked most people. Children, even the older children like the squires, were always well liked by her at first, unless they turned out to be nasty, but men and women were harder to trust. They could act one way and be another. Leraway had been rude, but not more than that. He had this somewhat entitled air about him. Cautiously, she glanced down the stairs, then she stepped further into the room, and reached for the door. Brown tensed, but all Rhyn did was shut the door behind her, and set her crossbow down on the floor.

"So. Brown is caged wolf. How can we free him? His captors will come eventually, and blizzard outside keeps us here. I only want for peace."


Bradley, his rough, mountain-weathered face worn, smiled down at the squire. "Don't you worry, boy. Rhyn has survived out here better than any of us. I've yet to see her fail in what she sets out to do. She takes care of us here. If that cat leaves us, it won't be by man's hand. Only the mountains can take her." There was a note of superstition in his voice, but also a note of pride. It was easy to see that the man saw the hiskr somewhat like a daughter.

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