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Not The Underdark!
Ra grinned at his companions, glad that they could approach the coming situation with such optimistic views. He accepted the makeshift "torch" from Shalin and stood up, claws rasping against the stone and his own armor creaking a little. In the back of his mind, memories flashed back to blue skin, golden eyes and pointy teeth so much like his own, and his smile, turning a little grin, was set solid on his face. He would kill this arachnid to protect his precious Nephalia, even though he would probably never see her again, even with survival.

He looked to Tali, and then to Shalin, and grinned at them "Alright then, off we go."

((into the wild dark yonder! Off we go, to kill the bug!!!..))

City Treasure Hunt?
Fyra followed Pheena's voice into the kitchen, her ears perked up as she listened to the half elf's telling of what had happened that morning. So Leirath had been trying to seduce her. Her eyes narrowed a little. Stupid, no good, son of a ... by the Gods...even 'dog' is too good for him. She looked back to her only recently made friend, and nodded at her question. "I could always use food..."

After a short pause she added, "By the way, Leirath is gone. So is his visitor, and the...bard left by foot. his visitor must've had magic, because his bootprints didn't lead out the door...they just left. I looked into the room...and he fled rather quickly. He must be in trouble with someone."

Her black tail waved behind her like it had a life of its own, and her ear twitched, listening for anyone approaching.

Wingless Wanderings and a Cave
Kail heard Leeli's voice say his name, and his bright eyes snapped over to her, his lips turning up into a wide grin. He called out to her, "I will always be fantastically wonderful so long as I can hear your voice, my lovely Lahura." His wings fluttered a little, lifting his feet off the ground just barely, and he bowed to her, his eyes never leaving her and his grin never fading.


Keira's running stride for hunting was different than that of any other human. Instead of a heel-toe, heel-toe beat, it was simple toe-toe. Her heels never touched the ground as she ran. As the young woman moved, she kept an eye on the werewolf from the corner of her peripherals, not quite trusting him much yet, and not wanting to be caught off guard. Her main sight searched ahead though, watching for the boar as its scent continued to get stronger in her nostrils.

They were well away from the camp before the slightly bitter musk was nearly overwhelming. she could see the boars distant shape up ahead. Keira slowed down, spreading her arms to make Fenrir and Dmitri do the same, and then looked to both Dmitri and Fenrir. Looking solidly at Dmitri, she swung her eyes to where she wanted him to go, coming in from the right, behind the boar, which was currently drinking from the river. She paused until she knew that he understood before continuing to move forward with Fenrir, signaling him to move in from the river, while she too moved off a little to the left, so as to trap the boar against the water.

She wasn't very experienced in hunting boar, and she wasn't sure of what strategy to use, but with Dmitri and his huge form, she was sure that they wouldn't get hurt too badly.

Not The Underdark!
Ra started to wake up at Shalin's voice, his eyes beginning the start of opening, and his breathing starting to quicken changing from sleep breathing, to waking. Tali's giggle woke him up even more. He was a heavy sleeper, and still was rather reluctant to come back to the real world at the very moment. But Tali's small body landing on his torso was unexpected.

A wheeze of air hissed between his teeth, and deep emerald eyes jumped open to stare up into the face of the young girl on top of him. After a moment passed, his own smile opened up, pointy teeth lining it so thoroughly. "Are we ready?" his own voice was quiet, and he looked to Shalin, his grin not disappearing yet, despite the danger he knew they were headed towards.

Nothing would be able to shake the wonderful feeling he had at the moment. He had a family. He was on the road, but he had a family. They were different species, and they all had traumas, but he had a family. The lizard looked back to Tali, and densely muscled arms pulled her into a quick hug, before he started to shift her small body to the side so he could get up.

City Treasure Hunt?
Fyra drew in a long breath, drawing in the still slightly fresh scent of Leirath, and the tugging scent of other things. But what really caught her attention was the boot prints. He had a visitor... The feline wrinkled her nose, wondering who had stopped to talk to the other hiskr that had scared him enough to leave in such a hurry.

A moment later, her green eyes fell to the note and the feather. She pushed the door open a little, thinking about slipping inside, but the memory of the night before made her stop, shuddering. Not going in there alone. He might've faked his exit, the dirty little dog... Probably wouldn't have been any sort of good partner anyways... She shivered again, and then started backing away, unwilling to leave her back to the doorway. When she reached the stairs, she jumped down then, her balance from being a cat burgalar saving her from falling.

When she reached downstairs, she whispered quietly "Pheena? Koro?"

City Treasure Hunt?
Fyra stayed asleep through Pheena sneaking out. She didn't wake up until Koro shook her. And then, she jumped up, instantly on all fours, teeth bared and ears flat, hackles raised up as the man ran out of the room. Staying on all fours, she slid off the bed and slipped out the door after Koro. He rushed downstairs, but, staying to the shadows, she sneaked along towards the end of the hallway, where the glass lay shattered. Pausing halfway there, she slipped her ragged hood up over her head, and then continued, her paw pads nearly silent on the wooden floor.

Her heart raced, wondering where Pheena had gone, and knowing that Koro would find her downstairs, unless she had left the building, in which case it would be nearly impossible to find the peculiar thief in the city. Tail waving back and forth in the air behind her, the black feline slipped over to where the glass was. She noticed how the glass had landed extremely close to Leiraths door. Curious to see if he was even still there, she slipped her hood back down, pressing herself against the wall.

A few steps more, and she pressed her ear to the door. What will I hear?

Not The Underdark!
Despite his efforts to keep up an attempt at first watch, the draconian's eyes slowly slipped down, and his mind went back, first a short time, then a long time.

His mind was filled with blue skin, black hair, and yellow eyes, the smile of a woman that he knew he would probably never see again. Moments of the day passed through his dreams, her shy kiss upon his scaled cheek, and the embarrassed apology after her tail bumped his. That portion of the dream ended as it had the day they had been set off to go travel to what could be their doom. The feeling of despair, the desperate want to hug her close and whisper that it would be okay, washed over him once again.

In his sleep, Ra's arm tightened around Tali a little.

Sweeter scenes came to him from his past. His childhood memories, of romping and playing with other children, of swimming and hunting. Parties and wild games, and his mom telling him to come home before the moon was midsky.

But in the middle of one of his parties, it was broken with a gigantic spider coming into attack, biting and swinging its legs around, injuring and killing his family...

With a jerk, Ra startled himself awake. He could tell that it had been a short time since falling asleep, and after calming his nervous breathing, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes once more, and gently laid his head back down on Tali's hair to fall back into a dreamless sleep.

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