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Not The Underdark!
Ra pulled Tali close to his side. He knew that he wasn't the warmest creature out there, after all, being reptilian, he was cold blooded. But of all the people there, he knew the comfort of being next to other bodies, scaled or not. As Shalin came over to join them, leaning into the group, the lizard shifted a little automatically, moving to pull the group closer together. In the end, with Tali between him and Shalin, his knees curled up just enough to create what would be a "safer" space between two protectors for the young girl, he could feel the centaur mare's fur brush against his scales.

As he tried to keep his eyes open, to keep somewhat of a watch out for any creatures, Ra's thoughts turned back to his family. How he missed them, even though he wasn't ready to go home yet. His eyes traveled over the two companions he had so recently met. He leaned his head down a little, resting his cheek gently against Tali's hair, and his arm curling comfortingly around her shoulders. A smile spread across his face as his emerald and gold eyes looked at Shalin.

Memories of being piled together with his family and friends after a celebration came up, and his smile widened. It was much like what was happening now, without the dread of the battle to come and with the sunlight shining brightly down upon glittering scales. But the lizard could feel the warmth in his heart. For now, these two were his family.

Not The Underdark!
As Tali squeaked, Ra glanced around quickly, his eyes wide. He held himself back from jumping while the young girl latched onto his leg, sitting on his foot and wrapping her small arms around the bulky muscles of his lower leg. He was frozen for a moment, and then he leaned the globe of light against the wall, careful that it wouldn't slip, and knelt down, moving backwards so as not to dislodge Tali.

"It's alrrright sssweetie." He reached out with clawed hands to comfort the girl, not trying to pry her off his leg yet. He didn't want to upset her anymore.

The lizard's lisp was back in his voice as he tried to stay completely calm. Standing up, he grabbed the lightpole and still supporting Tali to stay on his leg without dislodging her, he walked over to the wall opposite the web. He leaned the lightpole against the wall, set his spear on the ground, and then gingerly sat down, Tali still on his leg.

Then he grinned at her, spreading his right arm out to show the space against him and the wall under it. "C'mere, Tali. My leg can't be that comfortable." His voice was slightly teasing her about where she had chose to cling to.

Not The Underdark!
Ra's shoulders tensed, and his smile dimmed a little as he saw the web. His eyes were serious, and his fingers clenched around the lantern's staff. "Undoubtedly..." He agreed quietly with Shalin. Then he looked ahead, shrugging his shoulders to loosen the muscles up some.

"We should find a place to rest before pushing too far forward into this area." He stated. "We should be well rested for this fight." Common sense was taking over the warrior's mind, no longer blurred by alcohol as it had been. Despite his normal optimism, he was very serious. Optimism was dulled down here, in the darkness. "We've been traveling for hours, should we go farther or stop here to rest?" He looked to the centaur mare beside him.

Wingless Wanderings and a Cave
Kail continued to flutter back and forth, stacking sticks into a small pile by where the fire would be. He didn't know how much wood was wanted, so he just stacked it. Before long he had a chunk as high as his waist. Figuring that to be enough for the moment, he wiped his brow and rubbed his eyes, stopping to rest for a bit.


Keira raised her own nose to the wind, not smelling as detailed as Dmitri, but definitely smelling the boar nearby. She shook herself slightly, her mind making instant decisions. Boar was not something she usually went after. But deer were farther away, out of her keen scent range. Dmitri needed a good run, and she could always use one. The boar would be another fight, but Dmitri would be there, and it was less likely, with three, for one of them to truly get hurt. Dmitri could use a fight. Being pent up for so long... She nodded, letting her hand rest down to her long dagger on her hip, and then brushing her hand across her hatchet. They were secure. Another nod, and then she started to move towards the boar. Her bare feet made little sound on the river bank, her heels barely touching the ground ever, and her strides long and quick.

Despite the pain from her shoulder, her arms swung back and forth to keep her balance, and her wolfish body language was sending out the signals that were normal.They weren't close enough to fall out of formation yet, to surround the boar and attack it, but already a plan was forming.

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