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By Fire's Light
The room listened to Holly's last song of the evening. The lady in lace was quite enraptured the whole time, clutching her hand against her chest and hushing those around her if they were so much as whispering. However, Holly had lost whatever advantage she had with the elven nobles in the room. Her declaration that she was just a human in her song, while to them it was true, had renounced her elven heritage in favor of the human one of her commingled bloodlines. Melagor continued being amused by it all as the girl flitted through the room trying to engage the audience through meandering through them. The Lord and Dowager Baelenathils did not even turn their heads as Holly disappeared from their sight as she passed by.

Lady Arendinalla leaned over to her son. The song of a prostitute? 'Lay with me'? Truly? Her whisper was soft, but Holly was passing the woman by again as she headed back towards the front of the room again if her own voice didn't obscure the bite of the comment.

At ease, Mother. It is just a flighty song. There shall be other acts that you enjoy better. He straightened again as Holly finished her song. His mother resettled in her seat and didn't bother to clap as the song ended. Some of the elves in Arendinalla's favor had begun to clap, but realizing that she did not, they ceased as well. Melagor clapped politely as did the majority of the elves to not appear rude. The lady in lace was once again Holly's biggest supporter and clapped heartily along with her cronies. They had been seated towards the back so were quite happy that Holly had decided to come over to them.

Melagor rose as the applause slowed and stopped as he stood, his body stately and his shoulder back. He moved more like a dancer even in standing, his hair shifting as some of it fell over his shoulders. His face was a mask of politeness with a hint of amusement still playing about his eyes. My thanks, Mistress Winchester. This august company appreciates your talent. My steward will direct you back towards your room with our compliments.

The steward appeared at the side by the door as if cued. Realistically, he had expected her to be dismissed sooner simply because of her impure heritage, but it was what it was. He would give her her wages and then she may either wait in her room until she was either summoned again (if she would be summoned again) or leave by way of the front gate. Based upon the purse he had attached to his belt for her, the lord had been overly kind again for an unworthy creature. This way, Miss Winchester.

The lady in the lace came over quickly, more quickly than most would have allotted for in a woman of her size and age. Oh ho ho! You were so precious, my little nightingale! What songs! What songs! I would just adore you to pieces! Your face is so darling and your voice...! My heart flutters still! Oh my dear, I must have you! Name your price, my precious darling dear! The woman clasped her hands in front of her, causing her lace to ruffle up like a bird's plumage and her bosom to heave in a way a man would have thought more enticing than undoubtedly Holly would. Her jowls wobbled under her fleshy rouged face as she pleaded for Holly to name her price.

The steward was taken aback and paused, waiting patiently for Holly to deal with this noble woman whom he cared for not at all. He did, however, flag one of the other serving women to go get the next act so it would not be later than need be.


Awuendin navasancti scho. Figdulay minhauv burrahm. Yies deelet nivbur duallvin yandeelo. Mehset. Mehkset venho. Keplas' voice whispered softly as he pricked his finger on the dagger that he had secreted in his boot. The blood glowed faintly as it began to bead below the meat of his left index finger. He let two drops fall onto the ground as he put the dagger back into his boot and then began to ply a rune to the safe's door worked in his own blood. He could feel something begin to waken to awareness of the trick that he was using. He clenched his teeth. I have to move faster. Damn it.


Roderick's blood was surging through his veins. There were several spells moving about now and he could feel all of them. Dark magic, blood magic, and protective magic. At least three spells. The door that was locked in front of him was not really too much of a concern. Should he simply run and shoulder through it, he would undoubtedly break through though it would hurt. What do I do? He chewed on his lip. To break down a noble's door would bring trouble. This was a fact. To not break down the door meant that he would be stuck behind it while something evil was going on. Oenshoome, what should I do? As he asked himself the question silently, the answer became clear.

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