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Not The Underdark!
It seemed so easy to be a part of a group like this. So easy to forget her goals, her dreams, her hopes as the dark shadows of the tunnel wrapped around their bodies like the wings of the angel of death, the robes of the Reaper. The feeling of incompletion left a hollow place in the pit of her stomach. Shalin had sought her father, the answers of her berserker nature, a place to belong. So many questions. Why? Gods above, WHY?! Hear me! Answer me! WHY?! Why do we have to die like this?! I can't accept this fate! The centaur looked up towards the shadowed ceiling, stalactites hanging down like viper teeth. A silver streak crawled down her cheek like a tendril. The tear was as much for herself as for her companions. You heartless gods! You create me like... like this and then cast me aside?! What justice is this? What mercy? Tali is a child! Ra is strong and young! And I--! I will protect them if you will not!

Her flanks shuddered as she blinked back her emotion, calming herself, feeling as much a child as ever. Tali giggled, startling Shalin who took a quick breath in. The sound seemed so foreign to the situation. A giggle. In the face of danger and probably death, Tali was giggling. If she can still laugh... Hope? Do I dare to hope? Shalin's lip quivered into a soft smile and she pressed closer towards Tali, safely nestled between the two semi-humanoids. She closed her eyelids. They had been heavy in the first place. It seemed so easy to see the colors behind the complete darkness behind the shutters. They seemed so sticky once they closed. She hadn't realized that she had drifted off in an exhausted sleep. Her torso had bowed just a little bit more. Her breathing was raspy and shallow, but slow. Those were the only signs that she was sleeping. Her hand, however, still clasped firmly around Tali's, unwilling even in sleep to let it go.

City Treasure Hunt?
Her adrenaline was surging, pulsating in her slightly pointed ears, throbbing through her veins like a stampede of wild horses over the plains. Her stomach complained of its hunger even as she held the knife in her white-knuckled grip. Her mind ricocheted from browning sausages to being murdered in a kitchen. It didn't help that some sausages were laying on a counter. Obviously someone had been awake and preparing a while ago.

The half elf thief heard more footsteps rushing towards her. She readied her knife, ready to cut, to stab, to protect herself as best as she could without her trusty weapons. A knife was all that stood between herself and the great yawning void called death. Her stomach issued another loud whine and she took a step towards the door as it opened to admit--! KORO! Her mouth gaped open and her eyes widened. Her grasp on the knife that would have plunged into him faltered as something like relief flooded into her system.

The cooking utensil that she held in her hand fell loosely, clattering on the floor, its silvery sound echoing off the cupboards and cabinets around them in the small room. Koro? It came out like a question as if she was unsure that he was himself and not really a doppelganger or an illusion. Her now free hands quested towards him, gripping his forearms hesitantly. She looked into his face, heard his laugh of relief. Pheena's eyes moistened, but she blinked back the tears as she wrapped her arms around him tightly, gasping out only one sob. I thought you were them. I thought you might have brought the bird! I thought-- Fyra! Where is she?! Is she okay?! She looked around frantically, her blonde hair flipping this way and that as she looked around Koro though refused to release him from her arms.

Not The Underdark!
The centaur woman had followed Ra and Tali over to the spot against the wall that she had suggested. The soft pool of blue-green light curled around the two of them sitting there, casting odd shadows this way and that. Tali was terrified to the point where Shalin could sense it in the air. As the girl extended her hand towards the centaur, Shalin smiled softly and nodded to the girl.

Her hooves clipped softly on the stone of the tunnel's dark floor and made her way to them, kneeling her front half down as comfortably as possible before she set her hind quarters down in an inelegant manner. She was close to them now, enough so that she reached out for Tali's hand and leaned in to the small group. It'll be okay. It was more of a murmur as she tried to sound confident of her statement, but felt uncertain in its truth. Rest will do us some good.

With her free hand, she smoothed Tali's hair, tucking some loose strands behind the girl's ears. My ward... I will do all I can to keep you safe. This is what I had promised when you came into my care. I shall... do better than I have already. I promise to work harder.

Wingless Wanderings and a Cave
Leeli giggled as Tera came back with another rock. The faerie woman accepted the little rock easily, patting the wolf on the muzzle for her efforts. She had to admit that Tera was making a relatively mundane task more fun. The woman adjusted the rock to fit in the stone-made circle. The hard work allowed her to clear her mind out, forgetting briefly about Keira's immodesty, Kail's occupation, Writer's quest, and her own seemingly finished quest to find the man of her dreams. Instead, she had a puzzle. Which rock fit the best where in order to form a perfectly round circle with no large gaps from stone to stone. Because her mind was so engaged along with her body, the ailments and injuries that she had picked up the last few days didn't bother her so much. She thanked Tera for every rock she was handed and continued to work diligently. Okay, Elle. It was a quick response, but Leeli didn't know too much about poultices and healing.

She suddenly realized that Kail had stopped moving for a time. Kail, are you feeling okay? The blue woman waved at him with a gentle smile.

Dmitri ascertained Keira's answer in her nod and direction. He leaned downwards, spreading his arms out slightly almost as if he were an eagle about to take flight. It helped him balance and readied his stance for the attack when the Alpha gave him the signal. But for now, being the Omega, he simply allowed Keira to take up the lead and stayed slightly behind and to the left of her, his newfound position in their trio of hunters.

His feet were light as he traveled behind her, keeping his long strides shorter to accomodate the human woman's shorter stride. His muscles rippled and flexed like waves across the ocean as his fur rippled, dappled black in the patchy forest light. His eyes shifted this way and that as he memorized his terrain and scented the prey ahead. Saliva was welling up in his mouth, he felt the automatic response to food and suppressed a whine. He was hungry and he ached for the hunt and the kill.

Not The Underdark!
Shalin frowned slightly as Tali suddenly pounced upon Ra's leg, her head nodding vigorously to Ra's suggestion of rest before a fight. While the centaur agreed with the rest, Tali's nervousness was pervasive. Yes, we should take a rest now while we can get it. Gods know how far up this tunnel the spider actually is. Or how big it is. Or how fast it is. Or our miniscule chance of survival against odds that are extraordinarily tipped against us. Probably curled up against the tunnel walls across from this web strand would be the safest course, I'm thinking. It would probably be easier to remain unnoticed against the wall than somewhere in the middle. Of course, there doesn't appear to be any convenient little alcoves for us to curl in. The centaur looked towards the walls, scanning for more web threads, but only seeing the one. The wall opposite the strand here is probably the best spot for the moment. Let's rest.

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