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By Fire's Light
I shall have to send you my information later this eve then so you may extend your future invitations! It does not do for a talented young woman to starve when she works so prestigious a stage as yourself. He stroked his beard as he regarded Holly, but then chuckled politely at the younger woman's obvious enthusiasm for the possibility of a duet with the Lady Michelle. Alas, Lady Michelle is not present tonight. She is traveling on another performance circle and will not be in Randatria in some time, I've been informed. He kept it subtle and light, his voice still polite and and friendly. His duet days with Michelle were long over after his former lover had her meltdown after their last performance together about three months ago. Her accusations were quite colorful. Mostly untrue, but quite colorful. Her drinking problem later on had been the most problematic, but what could he have expected from a woman who came from such a harsh background as Phenvast City. The only types of performers that came out of that city were thieves, charlatans, and substance abusers.

Truth be told, I find myself a man in search of another duet partner for my future endeavors. If you would be interested perhaps, I would certainly keep you in mind. I am sure I will have the pleasure of watching your performance later this eve. Sir Balgareth might not have remembered the half elf woman, but she was young, her voice seemed to have a good tone even when speaking, and her eyes glittered with that youthful life that had died long ago in Lady Michelle's. Besides, the young woman had perfect skin for the stage. Her hand was thin, but full of vivacity and smoothness. Her doe's eyes would draw just about any man in easily. The smell of the soap she used permeated her body and left anyone who met her thinking of her as a clean person with clean living. It was hard to think of her doing "just about anything to pay the rent and keep herself fed." She looked healthy enough. He assumed she had adopted some false modesty to make those with more renown either take pity on her to bring her along or to cover up the fact that she did well enough to get more invitations. Either way, Sir Balgareth was okay with that as he was looking for new talent anyway. There were more irritating people on the world, like the squeaky girl at the gates that Sir Yune had held back while Balgareth himself skipped ahead. And perhaps this Miss Winchester was also looking for a duet partner?


Keplas had outlined the plan to Roderick once more. It was all about timing and infiltrating the manor correctly. He watched the paladin's back as they separated ways... finally. The paladin was on his way to the grand room that would be used as the performance parlor. He would undoubtedly be noticed from his hideous face, but would also be given tasks to do to keep him busy as they wouldn't know him from someone they took pity on and hired for the event from a man who had broken into their basement. The half elf was counting on it.

As for himself, he was already walking the halls in the lower levels. His long-legged strides were silent and his destination was purposeful. His dark hair was pulled back into a cleaned and brushed tail at the back of his neck, the black length gleamed perfectly, loose strands of it hovered at the side of his face. The dulled gold coins of his eyes glimmered like a cat's as he began to make his way up to the second floor, using the back staircase. He would only have so much time, but his thin lips curved themselves into a cat's smile. Best of luck to you, paladin.

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