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By Fire's Light
Tira patiently listened to Dragon as she outlined her new idea. The dark skinned woman didn't know if it was wise to change something barely practiced at the last minute. If it startles me, then I may lose my footing... or get burned. There are risks and rewards with any new trick, but this is mighty reckless. She chewed her lower lip lightly, thinking. Well, Miss Dragon, if ye're confident that ye have a handle on that trick, then I suppose we can try it. I'm just a little nervous about the idea as we have not practiced it. I just worry that I may make a move that will put me too close if I decide on a change of motion while I'm dancing. Does it burn mighty hot if I end up touching it? I am quite used to getting burned, but if it causes a more serious burn, I would hate for it to stop our performance. She pursed her lips slightly, still concerned by the idea. It was one thing for bouncing orbs. It was quite another for a figure of fire dancing close.


Sir Balgareth was walking sedately through the corridor admiring the tapestries and portraits along the hall he was most familiar with as a frequent guest at the manor. His eyes were a grey blue in somewhat tanned skin that seemed more warm colored due to the wine color of his tunic. His dark brown hair that was almost black looked almost like satin where it was pulled behind his head in a small loose bow that was the same color as his tunic. His beard was well trimmed around a square jaw and his teeth were white as he smiled as he was greeted by the half elf before him. He had no idea of whom she was, but she was quite pretty. Ah, Miss Winchester! An absolute delight to meet with you again at a place like this! His deep baritone voice thrummed harmoniously in his throat as his broad hand scooped up Holly's right hand to gently place his lips upon her knuckles like the gentleman he was. Will you be performing this evening? I do not believe I've had the pleasure of hearing you in recent years and it would truly be a great joy, I'm sure. His warm hand still held onto her fingers as if they were made of butterflies as his eyes peered directly into doe-like blue eyes.


Roderick's eyebrows went up a fraction. 'Before'...?

Keplas said nothing further, simply smirked and motioned for the other man to follow along. Roderick was certainly having serious doubts about this "plan."

Blood on the Breeze and Death in the Dirt
Viske's tongue stuck out of the side of her mouth as she jiggled her pick. The door rattled, clicking on the inside of the knob as the pins inside slid as she dabbled around. Jack's hand slammed into the wall, startling the faerie for a moment whose wide eyes blinked in his direction. She, with the newfound realization of who was beside her, grinned brightly. Fun for everyone!Free and fun! Out out out! She turned her head and then squinted at the pick in the lock again. Her jiggling became more frantic, pins sliding on the inside until... it clicked! The door didn't pop open like she had expected. It was unlocked, but it wasn't opening. Viske kept her pick in place and then wiggled her body a little, hoping the door would magically open for her. Then it occurred to her that there was someone bigger nearby. Open the door! Push! Push! She shouted at Jack in the hopes that he would just give the door a little shove to open it wide and release the fun outside for all to share!


Mershay shook her head. Bena can't. She can't go. It has always been so. She should not be here. She should be in the village where she belongs! The red and orange drac woman's clawed feet dug into the ground as she moved her body into position to run.

Mershay... Bena reached out a hand towards the other woman, imploring. Mershay shook her head and sprinted back towards the village. Bena gasped and then turned away from the spot where Mershay had been. We need to run! She was ready to run as fast as Pokey and go wherever he led.


Chuckwaj led them back towards the ship in triumph. The rain was coming down making them look sleek and powerful. Stomp had a new weapon that glistened at his side and Yucky had looked vicious before and now looked wild in his garb. Chook himself always felt that he looked powerful and dangerous so this was nothing new. Nothing could stop a draconian. The ship was not on fire and was exactly where it had been left so that meant all was well. The mention of a teacher for axes made Chuckwaj think. There might be sssomeone who knowsss a thing or two about axesss, but not me. He shrugged and started walking up the gangplank. He glanced towards Jan who apparently was pissed about something, but it was not his business...


Jan growled lightly in her throat. Darly, you stupid woman! Were you busy looking at furred muscle or just not thinking? Well, if she knew anything, hopefully she's found shelter. We might as well have her wait it out. Three ain't good enough. Damn this rain. She looked at Misty who was doing his best to appear invisible without actually hiding. Chuckwaj caught her eye as he strode up the gangplank and onto the deck, his scrabbling claws loud enough even in the damp. Jan's eyes shifted to Misty once more. See that drac over there? Ask him to help you bring Darly's barrels back. If he will help, then we might be able to something now. If he won't help, then we have to wait. Her finger pointed directly at Chuckwaj who let out a sigh and grinned.

I have made usss sssome men! Ha ha ha ha ha! He chuckled and patted the other two on the shoulders in triumph. They had spread their seed and made themselves immortal, or so he saw it.


Darly knew that Mittens had ended fairly quickly. His experience in this area was... limited. She was not done, but she could let it fade. Her body lay against his, his arms around her, their bodies against each other as they shared heat. Her hand stroked down his body, the bones protruding, his fur rough and matted in places. Scars were a feature of his landscape that puckered out through his tough hide. But for all that, he was strung together quite well. His muscles all functioned. His body produced heat. He smelled very male. One of her legs was still draped over him, her tail was wavering lightly in the air, and she nuzzled his neck. Feeleds good? You colds at all? Mittens' colors were hard to distinguish in the poor lighting. Only the bits of white fur he wore gleamed enough to tell where he was laying other than the subtle gleam of his eyes. No one cans says that Darly isses old. Men still moans in pleasure for me. She smiled and stroked the man still partially under her gently with a casual yet partially possessive hand.

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