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By Fire's Light
Holly was waiting patiently and smiling as she waited for Sir Balgareth answer when her keen ears picked up on some foot steps in the hallway outside of the room. she would have dismissed it as one of the servants trying to locate Sir Balgareth and Holly would have bid him farewell and the best of luck, but it sounded too hurried. Sir Balgareth is performing for the grand finale tonight so why get him so early? As the footstep got closer Holly could tell that it was not the normal clicking noise of low-heeled boots worn by a maid but the soft shuffling noise a pair of cloth flats worn by a servant would make.

Holly frowned and when the door flew open, she let out a soft squeak of surprise. A disfigured man stood in the door way, the same one she had called out to be a pervert and is in all rationality, supposed to be in a dungeon cell right now. The one man she had identified, only if she wasn't sorely mistaken, to be the only son of the Wartsenhold family. Holly stood up slowly behind Sir Balgareth and looked at the man cautiously, as the man shouted out what would have been complete non-sense to someone else's ears. She looked at the man's out-stretched hand and asked the question that had been plaguing her.

You are... Roderick Wartsenhold, are you not? What's become of you? How would you know that I have been cursed, if I am cursed? Her voice a whisper but audible enough for the two men in the room to hear.

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