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By Fire's Light
Holly closed the door behind her and moved to the far side of the table where the teapot and the teacups are. She carefully poured to cups of warm herbal tea and put them in their respective saucers. She moved elegantly around the table, as if doing a ballet dance routine. The hem of her layered sheer dress rustled lightly on the ground. She placed one cup closer to Sir Balgareth and another to her. Holly took a sip of her tea before she began speaking.
I left home when I was 26. When I first arrived at the city I performed at weddings, small banquets and in small taverns. I also teach ballet at a local art studio to some of the less fortunate girls who wish to study art. Holly sipped her tea again and set it down, her finger tracing lightly on the rim of the teacup. I spend my time writing songs, duet actually, not that I have anyone to sing it with. One of my dreams is that one day I would be able to sing one of my songs with someone. Holly looked at Sir Balgareth. What about you? What's your story?

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