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By Fire's Light
Holly nodded solemnly at Mr. Honeywood's words. Granted, she was very trusting and naive to people who have done nothing to earn it, which had landed her in some rather tricky situations, but she was by no means stupid. Of course, Mr. Honeywood. I will be much more careful next time. Once again, please excuse my indiscretions and stupidity; it won't happen again. And please, let me pay you for the items you lost. How much are we looking at. It made Holly cringe a little inwardly at the loss of some of her fortune. Thankfully she would get paid again today so hopefully she would not lose much. Holly waited patiently for Mr. Honeywood to name a price. She really needed to get a move on to get her hair and make up done. Hopefully, she would still have some time to practice before the party.

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