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By Fire's Light
Holly contemplated Sir Balgareth's words carefully. She had in all honesty, not considered the implications of her actions. She was just too caught up in the her own head. She was upset that this would have cost me a good opportunity, perhaps she would find Lady Maleine after the banquet with a good excuse as to why she turned her down in the first place. I had other things on my mind at the time, which turned out really to be trivial non-sense. It would be most regretful that Lady Maleine may feel offended. I don't aim to impress people who watches a performances through colored lenses, sir. My only aim is to deliver to people what I think is the most exquisite of all races, emotions, Holly looked up at Sir Balgareth with a small smile, perhaps next time, I will impress her with something else. I would like her to know that her words of encouragements were like beautiful sparks to my confidence. I will continue to write to music for people like her. Holly's words ended strong an sturdy.

Holly's skin tingled with warmth where Sir Balgareth placed his warm hand on. She blushed gently and looked away to the empty room behind her. I am fine, sir. The night has just been... long and the air has gotten chilly. Join me for some tea if you have time? She gestured to the tea set behind her. She decided against asking him if he had felt something strange. Most people, non-learned people in the field of magic, did not have the sensitivity to subtle changes in magic around them. Holly was not learned by any means, just exposed to it. Holly motioned to make room for Sir Balgareth to come in, waiting for him either accept her invitation or leave her with a polite farewell.

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