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By Fire's Light
Holly nodded her head at Tira and Sydney's comments. I know as much as you do, most of these bands I have heard of but have never seen. Sir Balgareth I have personally met when I was younger. It was the night on my graduation from The Taelothloren Academy of Music and he was the guest of honor who presented our awards and certificates that year. Quite a charmer if you ask me, that man. And he has an amazing set of lungs on him. It would be wonderful to be able to do a duet with him. Holly said with a dreamy expression.

Holly turned her attention back to Tira and Sydney as they discussed their new performance routine. Holly thought it would be best to leave them to discuss the details. Most artists don't like others to find out the specifics of their performances until it was utterly complete. I will leave the pair of you to discuss the details of your performances. It's getting really stuffy in here so I shall be taking a walk. Holly stood up with her guitar in her hands and walked out of the chamber. As soon as she turned left she saw a familiar figure. Tall, broad and dark, but a little older than she remembered, wearing quite an expensive looking wine red velvet tunic. It's Sir Balgareth! Holly's heart skipped a beat. She did not think she would meet him so soon, and in person even! Holly took a deep breath to calm herself and made the boldest decision in her life. She walked towards the man who was also walking towards the preparation room. Sir Balgareth, I don't know if you remember me. My name is Holly Sileas Winchester and I am a graduate from the Taelothloren Academy of Music. You were there to present our awards and certificates six years ago and you presented my Award of Fine Young Female Artist and Certificate of Honor. I just wanted to say that it's an absolute delight to finally meet you again.

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