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By Fire's Light
Holly smiled at the steward once again to show politeness and as soon as she turned around, she rolled her big beautiful eyes in such a fashion that if her cousins her there, they'd all be holding back their snickers. Growing up, she had had her fair share of belittling and demeaning comments thrown at her and she'd always brush them aside, but it didn't mean that they did not irritate her to no end. She decided to sit and wait for the banquet to end before she took her absence, besides her carriage wasn't due to be at the manor until the party was over anyway. She poured herself a glass of warm herbal tea and sipped quietly and elegantly. The hallway outside was quiet enough except for the occasional sound of the steps of the soft soled flats worn by the stewards and that of the short heels worn by the maids. Holly took another sip of the tea. I wonder what's in this tea, I taste apple and something I can't quite put my fingers on, but it's good nonetheless. Holly sat the cup down lightly on the small table next to her. Her thumbs going to her temples to run in gentle circles. Yikes, I have never gotten a headache like this. And the chill that's slithering up and down her body hadn't stopped. Holly was starting to worry that maybe she was getting cursed, but dispelled that idea as quickly as it came to her. There was a small knock on the door which made Holly stop and wonder who it could be? And why knock anyway? It wasn't a private room. The door opened and Holly was met with a familiar face, Sir Balgareth. Holly smiled and stood up. Sir Balgareth, to what do I owe this honor? Do you not have to prepare for you performance?

By Fire's Light
Holly wanted to argue with the steward, even perhaps offer a minute amount of her reward to him. She needed to find out if that man was the Rody she used to know, Her Rody. Goodness me, Holly! Where did that come from! He isn't the same boy you played house with all them years ago! Most definitely isn't, Holly did not recall Rody being born an old man's reincarnation. She sighed lightly as she walked through the door, not wanting to start anything with the stern man and cause an trouble for herself. She turned around and nodded to the steward and waited patiently to be handed her reward. At the very least I still have Sir Balgareth as my company. A musician of his caliber must be the grand finale of the show.

A chill ran down Holly's spine and she shivered lightly and frowned. The temperature of the room was not the issue here. She looked around the room and saw that everyone was about their business as if they felt nothing. Perhaps it isn't anything. Perhaps I am just too worn for the day. It was familiar though, when Auntie Dorinda would practice her magic in her room, sometimes spells a little more sinister and ill-intended, the vide like this would ripple through out the whole manor. Nanna Lena hated when she did that. That's why there was so many layers in her room to keep it all in.
You may want to check all the personnel you have in here who are well-versed in the magical area. Someone is experimenting with magic that... are not generally used for good-intents. Holly paused for a little and spoke slowly, and if you could be so kind, would you mind passing a message from me to the man? Just tell him that I understand that what happened tonight was merely an accident and that he is forgiven.

By Fire's Light
Holly finished the song and her eyes roamed the room to soak up the reactions of everyone. The result, not all that disappointing. She definitely felt she could have done something more to engage the crowd of the majority, namely the pure-blood elves. Maybe she should have chosen songs that would befit such a courtly stage and the noble standards, but Holly still until this moment, believed in her style of music and the emotions in it. After, it was evident that she successfully moved some of the people in the crowd. It was interesting, almost amusing to see the elves reactions. At first, they were going to clap, out of appreciation of her performance or the fact that she tries she could not tell, but all stopped when they realized that Lady Arendinalla was not the least fond of one word of her song. She kept a polite and trained smile on her face, like one she would give to give to anyone politely preaching to her the importance of purity. Lord Melagor was just being polite as the host of this event. She curtsied to Lord Melagor as well as Lady Arendinalla as he gave her his thanks on behalf of the audience.

And my gratitude to you as well Lord Melagor, for this one in a life time opportunity. She turned her attention to Lady Arendinalla and spoke sweetly to her, I do hope that my songs were pleasing to your ears, mi lady. She curtsied again to the whole room, picked up her guitar case and was about to follow the steward out of the room, when she was stopped in her steps by the plump lady in the back. The same lady who had favored her the most and have her all her unwavering attention. My goodness, she moves as fast as a hare! Quite oustanding for someone her size! She was obviously moved by her performance and the way her chest heaved made her seem like an excited turkey. Holly smiled sweetly at the lady. She always appreciates someone who appreciates her art. Although slightly alarmed by her when she said "I must have you", Holly was glad to be considered good enough an artists to receive a response like this.

Ma'am, I am happy to give you a performance with a prior notice and we can discuss compensation when the occasion arises. I apologize to have to leave so hurriedly but I have other matters to attend to after this show. If you would like, you can join me for tea in the Honeywood Inn. Just ask for Holly Winchester. Holly curtsied her thanks and followed the steward out. She still had one thing to find out before she leaves. She had to know if the perverted old man was Rody and what happened to him. She asked the steward politely and carefully. My good sir, if I may ask, where did you take the man who groped me? I would like a chance to speak to him about what happened tonight. Just briefly, please.

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