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By Fire's Light
Holly's eyes darted from Tira to Sydney, curiosity and concern evident in her eyes. She knew not much of these two ladies sitting before her, but she liked to make every she had met a possible friend candidate. She looked at Tira and smiled comfortingly at her. It was not unnatural for an artist to feel unnerved and worried. A duo more so than a soloist, because one would feel much more guilty and embarrassed to let down a partner.
Don't be silly. You will be fine. Don't let the nerves take hold of you. That will ruin you on stage more than anything else.
It's that or your distinctively unattractive face and voice that will do the job. Holly head shot up and the source of the voice. Anastacia just arrived and already took a seat down and the far corner of the room in a sofa while the small girl moved vases and vases of roses into the room for her. Holly frowned at this. Anastacia, although vile and mean, was an accomplished sorceress, it made no sense to Holly why she would require a girl to carry all those flowers for her. Holly noticed small pin-pricked bruises on the little girl's hands. Must be the thornes. Lazy cow, couldn't even lift her finger to move the vases with magic? Holly wanted to pipe up again so bad to snipe back at Anastacia. But she remembered Sir Yune's warnings and decided to keep quiet. Anastacia sipped a cup of tea the little girl handed her. Holly said nothing and stared at her guitar case, her mood soured by Anastacia's appearance. When Anastacia stood up and instructed the little girl to stay put while she went to powder her face, Holly looked at the young girl, scarny and thin. Was she ever fed properly?
Holly stood up and picked out a small cup cake from a silver platter and walked over to the small girl. She knelt down in front of her and smiled warmly at her.
What's your name, sweetie? The little girl looked up nervously at Holly.
A.... Al, miss. Just Al.
Nice to meet you, Al. My name is Holly.
He.... hello....
Don't be nervous. Here, why don't you have this? Holly handed her the small cup cake she picked up.
I.... I can't. If Miss Anatacia finds out, I will be spanked again. Back of mi legs. Holly's heart sunk at those words.
It will be a secret between us. You don't say a thing, and I won't. Can you do that? Al eyes the cup cake hungrily and nodded with intense vigor. She grabbed the cup cake out of Holly's hands and started eating quickly.
Slow down now, don't choke, Holly chuckled, and remember to wipe your mouth.
And what do you think you are doing?! Holly spun around at the voice. The skirt of her dress hid Al perfectly behind her.
Nothing... Just chatting to your adorable little one here. She is cute as a button. I can understand why you'd want her next to you all the time. Holly spoke slowly enough to let Al finish and clean up. She slowly walked back to her chair and sat down again, more entertainers had arrived so Anastacia would not dare do anything to out of line to Al. Inside Holly's mind, she was still trying to think of a way to get Al out of the miserable life she was in now.

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