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By Fire's Light
Holly smiled and looked around her surroundings again. The drapes, the ornamented tables and chairs, the cloud-soft cushions and their royally sewn embroideries and tassels. I have seen something of similar exterior and background in my home town from the East, but I assure you, that was all because of familial ties. This is my first time to be invited into such place, and it's almost over-whelming, isn't it? It is almost s if I have yet to grasp a thread of reality in my wildest dreams. Holly happily sat down in her chair, feeling the cushion support her buttocks in the most comfortable way. Miss Tira, won't you sit down? And what of Miss Sydney? Won't she join us? How did the two of you meet? I must say you both make quite the pair, both lovely an talented and all. Holly's excitment was bubbling through and she can hardly contain it. You could easily tell by the way she was firing questions after questions and her new companion.

By Fire's Light
Holly looked around in awe. The Udyned estate is beautiful, there is no doubt. Everyone in Taelothloren knew this. The parties and institutes she had been to were also epic, but nothing compares to this. It was grace and majesty at its fineness. Everything was just so classy and graceful, from the curtains to the flowers, to the cushions and the desserts. Holly nodded thanks to the the woman, and went to the pitcher of water to fill up a cup of water for herself. She sat down on one of the larger chairs with with padded seats and embroidered cushions, sipping the water slowly, letting the coolness refresh her vocal cords. She sat for a moment and shortly after, Sydney and her companion was brought through the same door by another servant. Holly stood up with a big smile on her face and greeted them once again

Miss Sydney, over here. I do hope that you do not mind sitting with me. Here are two other chairs for you and your companion. Holly gestured to two other empty chairs and waited for the pair to take their seats. She suddenly realized that she did not ask for Sydney's companion's name. How rude of me. She must be so offended by now. You must excuse me, miss. I sometimes forget my manners. I am Holly Sileas Winchester, but you can just call me Holly. Really nice to meet you. Holly looked at her with her usual cheerful smile, her baby blues shining with sincerity and politeness.


Anastacia shifted her weight from one feet to another impatiently. She glared at the large noisy man who had the nerve to cut in line before her.
Hey! You! She shouted at Yune, Anastacia Seach, you mind asking this old bag to move? He just cut in line before me!

By Fire's Light
Holly took a few breathes to calm herself down. She did not appreciate the tone Yune took with her. As far as she could tell, Yune was neither deaf nor blind, so it should be crystal clear that Anastacia started with the insults, but honestly, Holly could put it past her. She had had many experiences with people not standing up for her because of her heritage. Remember what Nanna Lena said, shoulders back, chin up and smile on! So Holly disregarded the man and curtsied to the Sydney and her companion as they for the next area for check in. She gave Anastacia one more dirty look before trailing behind the servant woman, who was leading her to her practice room. Out of sight, out of mind. Focus Holly, you have much more to prepare for.


Anastacia was quite livid, for not getting her desired reaction of out of Sydney. She smiled sweetly to Yune.
I am terribly sorry, good sir. Please, I did not wish to cause any trouble. I would just like to enter and well, quite frankly speaking, you and your servants must agree. We don't want anyone... sub-par to soil this place do we now? She leaned closer to Yune for a whisper, as if trying to seduce him with her flowery perfume and natural pheromone, did you even check if she was a legit artist. I mean, someone who can act, dance and sing at the same time, almost too many natural talents for one single artist. Did you see the way she was kissing up to that Dragon girl? Why would a true artist ever do that? Has she no pride? No boundaries? She handed her invitation to Yune.
Just a word of advice. She turned to the little girl setting down her roses, Al, hurry up will you? God, what does father even feed you for?

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