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By Fire's Light
Holly’s heels clicked on the floor. Her pace rhythmic but fast, like her heartbeat. She was nervous, so nervous. Even though the truth is, and any artist would agree, it was quite unprofessional for a performer to be late, no matter the reason or the excuse. It was even more discreditable of them to have affected the schedule of everyone else waiting to perform. However, it was moments like this that determines the true measure of an artist. Do they thrive or augment the situation with their creativity and skill, or do they shy and back out like an amateur. No, not tonight. The reason why Holly was here was to prove that she was no amateur, not anymore. With this thought in mind, Holly steadied her breathing and looked straight ahead with her head high. Just like Nanna Lena taught us, high and proud. She followed the maid who seemed to be have bumped into a servant in their hurry. I am sure I recognize him from somewhere. Hoolly really could not tell and she was not given the chance to have a good look at his face with the pace they were walking in. Soon Holly was lead to a huge bronze colored door. The surface of the door is ornamented by a scarlet colored velvet drape. The drape was decorated by golden embroidery of abstract but gracefully cursive patterns.
Miss Holly, this is as far as I lead you. Beyond this door, Lord Melagor, Lady Arendinalla and their guests await. When the door opens, you may enter and perform. You will be led out of a different exit by the steward. I wish you all the best. The maid curtsied before Holly could reply and hustled off to inform another performer of the unfortunate turn of events. Holly turned to look at the door, silently standing in front of her. Holly waited, her left hand touching her locket lightly. Papa, mama, watch me.

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