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By Fire's Light
Holly could do nothing to suppress the smile that was creeping up the corner of her mouth, turning into a slightly toothy grin. This had to be a dream; a sweet, sweet, unforgettable dream she would most likely chose to be in for eternity, even if her house had been set on fire or a flood was rushing full force into her room. Of course, she was a little disappointed that Lady Michele could not make it to the event as she was also a great idol of hers, but the prospect of a duet with THE Sir Balgareth trumped everything else.
That sounds fabulous! I would love to do a duet with you! I do hope that you find my voice to be suitably matched with yours. We can possible… as Holly was going to continue on, a maid ran hurriedly over to her.
Miss Winchester, Miss Winchester! Thank goodness you haven’t gone far! I have been looking all over for you! Holly looked at her wide-eyed.
Is something wrong? Holly asked curiously.
Nothing is wrong at all. It’s just that, well, there’s been a change of schedule. The Twilight Twins are late and they were up first. But they won’t make it in time and the banquet has already started. You are second, so Sir Yune asked me to fetch you. You are due to be on stage in 15 minutes. Not only were Holly’s eyes wide, her mouth fell open, too. She quickly set her guitar case on the ground and opened it. From the velvet folds on the side, she took out a sheet music an ink bottle and her quill. She quickly wrote down her name, the name of her inn and the room she was staying in, folded the parchment up and handed it to Sir Balgareth.
I am sorry Sir Balgareth, but it seems that my performance is due and I must leave, but please, if you would want to talk, not even just about a duet, even if it’s just a friendly chat, you know where to find me. She bobbed a curtsy to Sir Balgareth and picked up her guitar case before leaving with the maid. What Holly did not realize was that she had, in a rush of frenzy and hurry, gave Sir Balgareth one of the notes of the songs she freshly wrote.

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