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By Fire's Light
Holly rose her eyebrow and smiled as Sir Balgareth greeted her. She was almost too sure that he had no idea who she was; it's been six years, but she was thankful that he played along with it. At least he saved her the embarrassment and left self-esteem intact. Well, I have not had the pleasure of inviting you to any of my shows, if I had known you were the slightest bit interested and where to extend my invitations to, I would have asked the organizers to save you a front row seat in everyone of them. Holly gently drew her hand back and switched hands to hold her guitar case. But I have been doing a little bit more than just singing. I have also been dancing, acting in musicals and operas, just about anything to pay rent and keep myself fed. Holly said lightly. Of course, her livelihood was much better than that; it was just in her nature to keep modest. But you look like you have been living the dream life. Your newest duet with Lady Michelle brought me to tears on several occasions. Will you be performing that song tonight? Is Lady Michelle going to be present as well? Holly looked behind him as if Lady Michelle was hiding behind the tall man. Lady Michelle was also rumored to be on romantic terms with Sir Balgareth. It would be very interesting to see the pair of them together, a nice little frosting on Holly's gossipy cake.

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