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Stuck Up Prigs and a Cultist Conspiracy
He let his helmet come to a rest at his hip, which was covered with hide for flexibility rather than steel. Icy blue eyes looked at each man in turn as they spoke, his gaze holding a mixture of emotions. Anger, held back with a warrior's control, determination, defiance, and everything was layered over with a piece of respect. His muscles held him up proudly, shoulders back and his jaw stubborn in its set, and everything about him was as it was before a planned fight: deceptively relaxed. The grace of a cat was infused in him, his movements the dance of a sword drill, smoothly executed. Shayne took a single step forward to center himself in the room, standing before the men that had gained the right to be Elders.

His voice was calm, cold, and his anger was only hinted at as he responded, addressing them all, but responding mostly to the last man's comment. "That fact is, my lords, Sir Faera desires a man that does not want her." He paused for a slight effect, and pushed on before any spoke. "On my return to court, I visited the training yard. I have done so every day I have been here save for the first week while I was readjusting to life in a castle. Upon seeing me, Sir Faera challenged me to a sparring match. I did not think anything of it, as we commonly spar with live steel and often a newly Knighted will want to prove themselves to those they know... She has ever been competitive." His eyes carefully scanned from man to man. He knew the Sympathetic Lion supported him. He had ever supported Shayne in his endeavors, but the rest...

His voice turned more serious as he continued. "Less than a few strikes into the spar, Sir Faera gave insult to my deceased wife, and turned it into a Rite of Courtship, claiming me as her own." His eyes darkened. "Having won the fight, I had the right to deny her, and then she came to you, no doubt with arguments that would make sense in a normal matter." Though that was the end to his story there, he barreled on to add in the last piece, his voice sliding like a dagger between ribs. "I ran into her in the library, not long after, where she told me she had come to you... When I still denied her my company in her bed, she first offered insult and threats towards the Lady Keli, and then threatened Sir Taliden with the Rite of Courtship if he did not come to her bed with her." His voice seemed loud to him in the room, but he let the last sound of it leave his ears as he stood before the men, waiting now for their response.

Stuck Up Prigs and a Cultist Conspiracy
Shayne smiled, hugging her tightly to him as she embraced him, and the letting her go look at her clothing, pulling on his boots and his shirt. He buttoned it most of the way up, and slung the jacket over his shoulder before looking back at Sigh, eyes scanning over her with appreciation as she looked through her clothing. His steps were soft as he came up behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder and putting pressure to make her turn to face him. "I will see you tonight, lovely one." His arms wrapped around her and he lowered his lips to hers for a soft, sweet kiss before he released her and stepped back, reluctant to let go of her hand, the last thing he was touching now. "Whatever happens... know that I am yours." His voice had a note in it that spoke as if he wasn't sure how anything would go that day.

With a final smile, he let go of her hand and left the room, walking swiftly to his own, where he proceeded to change into durable clothing, much more plain than even his more ordinary of court outfits. His pants were a light tan, his shirt a well made, creamy colored weave. Over that, he laced on his armor, managing alone because of the years of practice he had from his years on the road. The mixture of lion-hide and plate armor fit him perfectly, tailored to his body. His hair was tucked neatly behind his head as he slid his helmet on, the familiar view of the world between lion's teeth making his heart beat in a more confident manner.

His walk through the castle to the Leosinian complex gathered attention that he ignored. The training yard had men stop and look at him for a moment, wondering what was going on. When he finally reached the door that led to the Elders' meeting room, it was a little earlier than he expected, but midmorning nonetheless. He pushed through into the room, his face grim and determined. Eyes scanned over the Elders. Old warriors, still as wily and skilled in battle, even if their strength was not what it once was. He bowed a little, as much as his armor would allow, which was more than most, and slid off his helmet at the same time. His hair was only slightly ruffled by it leaving his head.

Stuck Up Prigs and a Cultist Conspiracy
Shayne let his own laughter join in on hers, not minding her leg over his hip and not yet noticing her shirt creeping upwards. His eyes sparkled with mischief, and after a moment he felt his fingers on bare skin, and glancing at her bare side, stopped tickling her. His hand came to a rest on her waist and he smiled at her, desire beginning to show in his eyes, but held back carefully. He felt hyper aware of the skin of her leg over his hip, and wanted to simply pull her closer to him. But too much had to happen today. A grin, and he remarked. "Didn't think just tickling would get me such a delightful view." His eyes scanned over her legs, admiring them swiftly before he sat up, knowing that he had to be up soon and mentally steeling himself for the expected slap he thought might come.

His smile wouldn't go away though. "I wish I didn't have to go... But I have to be in armor for this meeting with the Elders... It's custom.. It'll take whatever free time I have to get into that." He reached out for her hand, wanting to lay back down and hold her all day. "Be careful today, alright? I don't want you getting hurt."

Stuck Up Prigs and a Cultist Conspiracy
Shayne smiled a little wider as she brushed his hair back after turning to face him. His arm still draped over her, and now her arms around him as well. He didn't want to get up yet, but he knew that soon he would have to. He would have to change, and get into his armor before the hearing. Quickly he shoved the thoughts of the Elders from his mind for now, and instead tightened his grip on Sigh, his fingers trailing over her back in random patterns. "I did sleep well. Very well. His eyes gleamed with happiness.

"How are you feeling this morning?" His question was easily answerable just by looking at her, but he took comfort in asking, as if it were normal for him to spend the night in her bed. Feeling slightly playful himself, and encouraged by the look in Sigh's eyes, he ran his fingers experimentally over her ribs, seeing if she was ticklish, not waiting for her to answer first..

Stuck Up Prigs and a Cultist Conspiracy
Still half asleep when Sigh moved, Shayne's only protest was a small grumble. But he figured she'd either come back, or get him out of bed, and so remained there, his arms feeling rather empty. The scratching of a quill came to his ears, but he didn't bother to really care. Murmurs came from the other room, and then she slid back under the covers, curling against him, and a low rumble of pleasure came from his chest, his arm snaking around her waist and pulling her snugly against him.

His voice was a soft purr. "Goodmorning, sweet one..." He nuzzled the back of her neck with his nose through her hair, taking in a deep breath of her scent as he warmed her with his own body heat. It wouldn't take long. The man fairly radiated heat from his core, his bare stomach warm even against her covered skin. "I assume you slept well." His arm shifted a little, laying across her ribs rather than her waist, and Shayne smiled, his eyes half closed like a happy cat.

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