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Passers By
Soudrima smiled as her compatriots capered up the stairs as the rest in the room seemed to slump over, their eyelids weighing heavily on their faces. One by one, faces slowly drooped onto tables. The song was over, the main room quiet save for the crackle of the warming fire. With the grace inherent of a member of nobility and a high elf as well, she moved forth without so much as a sound as she picked up her things and made her way to the sleeping Tavros. She patted him on the shoulder with a firm, but gentle hand. The proprietor blinked up at the bard, his eyes still blurry.

Here is your keep, Tavros. Thank you for everything. It's been my pleasure being your bard tonight. She passed him the coins that she left for him in the mug. The rest she had secreted in her vast array of clothing. He nodded, trying to think of something to say, pointing directions to her room. She turned and glided off to the specified room.

The high elf bard made her way up the stairs and three doors down on the left. It was a humble establishment truly, but clean and warm. She opened the door and made sure the room was empty before closing the door and locking it from the inside. There was a small rounded window in one side draped over by cream colored curtains, a small table beside the bed that held a lit candle so she could still see, and the bed itself was small, but seemed fluffy enough for the likes of her. There was a small chest in the corner for her to place her things if she felt like it. Soudrima never used those sorts of amenities regardless of the establishment.

She removed her vest and folded it carefully, settling it on the floor gently, her loose undershirt billowed and let in a bit of the chilly air that was sweeping through the night. Her skin goose-prickled and she rubbed her arms with her hands which still held a mite of warmth. She shed her remaining clothes, folding all of them with care before setting them on top of each other all piled on the vest. The bard slid between the covers of the bed and sighed softly. They were cold, but they would heat up soon with her body heat. There was no more comforting thought than realizing that she was alone in bed, would be warm soon, and that the door was locked until she awoke the next day. Lovely, Soudrima. Lovely. Her lips, wiped clear of paint like the rest of her face, curved into a simple smile of contentment and she closed her large blue violet eyes.

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