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In the City of the Drow
Ra followed closely behind Shalin, not even noticing that the centaur had torn up her sides a little, along with the floor and doorway. The draconian was careful, slipping through sideways to fit Nephi through comfortably, and letting his tail bend to not scrape against the door much. His claws ticked lightly against the floor, but as he was stepping smoothly to not bump the woman in his arms, his feet didn't scrape the floor as much as his companion's hooves had.

Kithra brushed past him as he was reaching the room. He hadn't noticed her horror-stricken face as she had seen the other drow, but his ears did register Shalin's stammered explanation of what had happened. His eyes moved to the drow woman, green eyes scanning. She was beautiful, he supposed, in her culture. long hair, tight clothing, curvy... but in his mind, every bit of her was too rigid. Her posture, her attitude, and hairstyle too. He added onto Shalin's story. "They both were. He seems like he's just unconscious..." He nodded down to Nephi "She had broken her leg fighting, and then somehow covered it with stone, and it broke off when she got ran over... I'm not sure how much pain she's in, but she's conscious now..." He trailed off.

His eyes looked to the drow priestess, his mind whirling with doubts. Would she be calling upon dark powers for the healing? A momentary pause, and then he moved towards one of the pallets, knowing that it was usually easier to work on a patient who was laid out, rather than half curled in another's arms.

In the City of the Drow
Ra gave Tali a reassuring look and nodded for her to hop out of the wagon first. His voice was soft as he talked to Nephi in a murmur, but his words were clear. "We're getting a healer, Nephalia. But we have to move you from this wagon. You'll be out of pain soon.." he only hoped his quiet words would reach her. The lizard pulled his hand away from her cheek, letting it slide down under her neck and behind her shoulders, and slipping his other strong arm under her hips, careful to avoid her tail and careful to not bump her stub of a leg.

His mind still raced with confusion over her attitude towards him from earlier, but he was much more concerned with how she was right at the moment, in pain and needing him. Wow, I'm much too serious when I'm not drinking... The thought ran through his mind quickly and disappeared as his gold and green eyes focused on Nephi.

Slowly, his muscled bunched, pulling her up against his armor-covered chest gently and holding her carefully as he moved towards the exit of the wagon. His leg stretched to find solid ground so he wouldn't have to jump, and showed itself to be a little longer than it looked when it was bent in his odd leg formation. Clawed toes scraped a grip onto the rock, and his other foot followed, his tail following him out of the wagon and scraping on the ground for a moment before he raised it to help him balance the qsar woman's weight. But she was so light that in his worried mood, his tail was only barely off the ground.

Please, be alright. He looked towards Shalin and Kithra, following them and trusting that Tali would be where she was supposed to be. She was a smart child. "Speak common, Nephi.. I cannot understand your tongue... He murmured to her, wishing he could have understand what she had been saying in the wagon. He had made out his name and Tali's but the other words had been gibberish.

As he walked, he bend his head down a little, to where Nephi's head was by his shoulder, pressing his scaled face softly against her cheek, hoping it comforted her.

Of Moonlight, Curses, and a Valley
Kail smiled at Leeli's enthusiasm. He looked around at the small band, and found that he felt far more comfortable around these biggies than he had before. He was still wary and slightly nervous whenever he looked towards the werewolf. At the same time though, he felt pity for Dmitri. The former man was stuck. He was neither man nor wolf, but in between, and so he could never belong to any specific society. The red-winged fae didn't believe there was a society of monsters, which Dmitri would be considered.

He looked around at everyone else, his gaze lingering at his blue girlfriend. She was so beautiful, and stubbornly determined to save this "Writer." A moment later his gaze switched to Elle, and then to Keira, and their wolf companions, as they started off. He could see the distinct connection between Keira and Dmitri. Keira, it seemed, wished to be wolf. She, in her own way, knew how Dmitri felt. Kail frowned a little in thought. Was the connection between them far deeper than just an Alpha to a pack member?

The small man's eyebrows pulled together. He supposed that a pack of wolves was usually very close anyways, sleeping, like they had last night, in a pile together. After a moment though, he started off, smiling at Leeli and letting his thoughts continue as he flew.


Keira started off after Dmitri, her run smooth as she could make it so she didn't jostle her side to much. The wound was mostly closed under the bandage, but her side was still sore. It would feel better after she was warmed up from running. Her eyes focused on the werewolf in front of her, her senses noting the sense of foreboding around him. He was nervous for some reason. She raised her nose a little to sniff the air.

Fenrir smiled a sharp and toothy wolf grin, his tongue hanging out and flopping as he came into his brisk trot that he could keep up for hours. His nose raised as Keira's did at the same time, smelling the air. But his caught far more than hers. The dirt, dry grass. Water at a long distance, and a few rabbits maybe somewhere, but the scent was faint, far away and old. The wolf looked at Keira with his ears high with excitement. The hunt was starting!

In the City of the Drow
Ra smiled at Willy's words. He was not sure how to cheer anyone up with the situation that the group was in. He was happy to see someone smile.

He too, almost jumped when Nephi cried out. Tali moved quicker than him, as he remained frozen for a moment, but an instant later he was on his knees by the qsar's side, eyes worried and muscles tense. He didn't know if there was anything he could to in reply to Tali's begging eyes. His shoulders weighed heavy with more than the weight of his armor. Gently, he reached out, resting fingertips on her forehead and feeling the heat of her skin against his cool scales.

The Draconian's fingers traced down her face to rest a palm on her cheek. "Shh, Nephalia... you'll be fine." the unsure statement ran from his lips easily, as if he were telling a child everything would be alright. He looked quickly at her missing leg for a moment, and then back at her exotic face. Silently, he willed her to be better, even though he was sure it would do no good. "You'll be fine..." He whispered it so quietly it was almost inaudible, reassuring himself that she would be.

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