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Wingless Wanderings and a Cave
Leeli's big smile burst out from her face, white teeth shining even as her large watery colored eyes glittered. Okay then. The little blue fae woman realized that she would be little help with the larger sticks and contented herself with moving little sticks slowly. Her leg was healing well that she was beginning to hobble using her fork staff less and simply wobbling this way or that on her own.

The howl of the wolves didn't startle her much at all as she focused on her work, casting small glances at her male counterpart here and there. As she was moving a small stick around close to Kail, Leeli purposefully stumbled. It was a stupid thing to do, but for some reason, she just had to. Oof! The blue woman reached out and fell into Kail, grabbing his biceps to keep her from tumbling all the way to the ground. Um... She looked up into the fae man's eyes and her cheeks purpled lightly. Sorry... Clumsy me? She gave a small shrug as she still held onto him.

For Dmitri, the musky scent of the boar was heaven. He felt his mouth already filling with saliva and was disgusted by his lack of discipline as they hadn't even caught the beast yet. But he was hungry! Fenrir looked at the werewolf, eyes locking across the distance from the boar. The signal was minute and Dmitri nodded almost imperceptibly. The hunt had finally truly started. Dmitri's deep howl bayed low underneath the higher pitches of the other two.

The boar squealed in panic as the trio charged in, forming a tidy triangle. It hesitated momentarily as it tried to fathom the situation and then rushed towards Keira, tusks shining grimly in the spotty lighty through the trees. The werewolf pursued.

Not The Underdark!
The cool scales on Ra's arm had pressed into her as she took off like a cannon shot. The centaur was only distantly aware that Tali had said anything at all over the clatter of her hooves on the stones beneath. The pool of oddly colored light came with them, dropping shadows here and there, while leaving Tali further in the dark as the small orb because more like a firefly's beacon in the night. The clattering became louder as the echoes rebounded, making Shalin seem like a herd rather than one.

The light bounced wearily onto the body of the immense creature above them as Ra jabbed blindly into the dark overhead with his spear. It scored a hit on the abdomen of the spider and it squeeled out its pain as the weapon pulled free, loosing its warm blood onto Shalin's rear end whom gasped with shock at the heat even as Ra slid free and rolled. The centaur kept moving, unsure of what to do now that she had lost her passenger, but knowing that it was too deadly to stay put as the spider fell to the earth below them with a thud on its eight sturdy legs all covered in bristly fur. The eyes focused on Ra, the source of its injury, twinkling briefly until being quenched in dark as Shalin's lantern got too far away to hit upon anyone save herself.

Shalin wheeled around, but the spider was nearing Ra, its fangs oriented on the draconian, filled with slow moving paralyzing poisons. The soft plip plip of the creatures blood echoed off into the cavern. Ra! Get away from there!

Not The Underdark!
The centaur woman gripped the lantern tightly, its odd color bouncing this way and that. Shalin held herself stiffly as Ra got on awkwardly. Her height would give him a longer reach depending upon the height of the cavern which looked quite large from the tunnel. Her flanks shuddered as she realized the full of the draconian's weight. He was heavy! She was patient, however, and didn't wish him to fall into a web or onto the ground. Yes, underbelly or whatever we can reach as we pass. We'll be a large target so I do not doubt that the beast will come directly after us. Her entire body shuddered at the thought of such a large and deadly creature in pursuit of them, but what else could they do?

She was impressed at Tali's courage and stoicism when faced with such a demise at hand. It was a truly do or die situation and it did not seem fair for such a child to be caught up with this, but who could have forseen such a horrible thing?

Shalin took a deep breath, clearing her lungs, stabilizing her emotions as she sought to rediscover her inner calm and her warrior side. She needed to function as instinctively as possible, to hear, to feel, to sense the creature. Her large brown eyes closed as she took a breath in and then opened again as she let it out, feeling the calm, determination settle in against her. It was a short way to cross into berserk, she knew and felt, but with Ra on her back, it was certainly unwise in such a situation. It shall be a victory. She whispered it softly to herself in response to Tali's mumbled sentiment. Turning to look at the girl, it was time. Tali, if the fighting gets too thick... Be safe. The unspoken sentiment remained. Tali, for the little that we've known each other, I care about you. You must live even if I don't. She turned again and faced forward towards the yawning cavern before them. Ra, hold on tightly with one arm. We will charge on my mark. Five... It was the only way she could warn him when they would be moving. Four... Her hooves dug into the ground. Three... Her torso leaned forward. Two... It was time. One. The word was uttered with a deadening finality as her hooves scraped against the rocks below them and propelled Ra and herself into the cavern, under the spider waiting in the rafters above.

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