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Whisper heard Tomick enter the room and listened to the gentle rush of fabric as it was pulled free from his body. She listened to the softness of his breathing and the steps he took on the floor to come towards the bed, the rippling of the sheets as he slid in beside her. His arms coiled around her, moving her enough so he could get a small place on the mattress where she had been intent on filling up every available inch. Her mouth curved in the darkness and she moved slightly to accomodate him, turning to nestle against him. Hello, my lover. Her alto voice was rich and full of warmth, breathy in the way those that have just woke up have. I'm glad you're here. I needed another pillow. An arm curved over his stomach and she pulled on him gently, nuzzling her cheek against his shoulder.


Shad's mind focused on the words Echo was saying. Questions. He had to remind himself. Where? Her voice choked. She started to leave. The man grabbed at her wrist and pulled her back a little bit more roughly than he intended to though it was still nowhere near full strength even in his more weakened state. No! No! He shook his head. Well... yesh. A little, but shnot like that. The half elf frowned and tried to concentrate as his mind went drifting a little once again. I wash at a brothel. Yesh. But not for that. I didn't... I didn't shleep with anybody, Echo. I'm wish you. He rubbed his forehead with his free hand, still holding onto her wrist firmly with the other. What I say? Need to tell her... Met a guy ta do bushinesh wish. The opportooties, I wash shaying. And I'm drunk. And I'm a little high. But... I shwear that I didn't do nothing wish no one but you. His lips twitched into a small spasmodic frown. The rest of him felt so loose and he wanted to sleep, but he did not dare to let the woman go or he knew something bad would happen. He didn't know what the bad thing was, but it would be bad and he'd regret it and the hangover the next day if she left.

Echo, I... I wash mad when I heard you were engaged to shome dumb ashhole. Shhhho I went to town. Met a guy who doesh pictshure, uh... not pictshure, but... uh... makesh himshelf into difrent people, changes hish facesh a little, magic. We had dinner at the brothel becaush not many other plashesh are shtill up. He gestured with his hand, trying to mimic a building that was still standing. I'm shorry, Echo. I love you. I would never shleep with anyone elshe while I have you. Pleashe belief me! He wrapped his other arm around her, trying to bring her towards him, to hold her against him so she would be unable to leave him because her leaving would be bad. I love you. I love you. I love you. His voice was higher pitched with the drink and the drugs, but the tone was desperate regardless. His nose was getting stuffy and his eyes were getting moisture along the rims, but his firm grip on her was still strong despite himself though he was trying to be gentle with her. He didn't want to hurt her, but he just didn't want her to leave.

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