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Not The Underdark!
Shalin smiled at Tali. She's going to need a new dress. It has gotten so ragged. At least, she got to keep hers. My shirt became a torch. I bet Ra will want some booze once we get to the surface to replace the one we set fire too. So much to do once we get back into the light. I can't wait to finally stretch my legs into a good gallop! Well, we should make the drow city sometime today from what I understood. Aaaand after that, then we just have to go from there to the surface and we're, well, home free, I guess.

Ioped gave Nephi a shoulder to help her walk and the three qsar began to lead them out. Nephi was less than silent on her stone encased leg, but she was walking mostly on her own power. Shalin held the lantern so that all the surfacers could see the backs of their escorts. The tunnel was wider now that they were out of their cavern. The passageway that they were in joined another larger one that had wagonwheel ruts in the softer gravel lining the bottom. There were also strange, large tracks near the ruts on either side. The tracks themselves seemed round-toed and splayed out. Shalin thought that they were almost like the feet of salamanders, but gigantic. Ioped was talking quietly with Nephi, his voice soft as were her responses. Shalin felt concerned as to how the qsars' interactions might affect Ra's mental stability because he certainly hadn't been himself since he met that woman.

And then the centaur woman heard a sound. It almost sounded like a wagon coming from behind them. As she turned her head to look, she saw a large wagon alright. It had a wooden frame and a canvas top with a white haired, dark skinned drow. There was a lantern set into the wagon's wooden frame which shown with a purple light. The light itself was coming from what appeared to be an enchanted stone encased within the decorative lantern. The drow was wearing a deep red colored cloak so it was hard to tell the gender of the driver. Probably the most shocking thing about the whole wagon was the animal pulling it. A large scaled beast that looked like a lizard was hitched up to the yoke. It's forked tongue flitted in and out of its large, many toothed mouth. It's eyes were huge and stuck out strangely, rotating in different directions so it was impossible to tell where it was looking. Even so, it's suction cupped feet made squelching noises as it took each hastening step. And the whole contraption was coming straight at them. Shalin's eyes widened.

We have to move to the side! It's a wagon!

The drow, suddenly realizing that there were pedestrians in the way, decided to try to pull to an abrupt stop before they hit each other. The gravel slid and splashed all over. Collision seemed imminent.

Not The Underdark!
Nephi looked at the trio of surfacers out of the corner of her eye. The Qsar woman nodded. Yes.

Shalin had heard the talking now and stirred. She arched her back, her leather armor creaking from being in one position for so long. The centaur could feel the chafing here and there where the armor had rubbed. She would need a new shirt when they got to a place that would accept either labor or perhaps some sort of surface coinage. I can't wait to see the sun again. I miss the warmth. And besides, I think the sooner we are able to either leave Nephi or get back to the surface, the sooner Ra will be back to normal. Stupid underdarkian girl. I would shake her if I dared.

Her equine legs got her upright, echoing a little off of the stone beneath their feet. Well, I'm certainly ready. Let's go.

The qsar escorts began to shuffle about, collecting their weapons that had been loose at their sides for the time that everyone else had been resting. Shalin grabbed the moss lantern and moved towards the cavern entrance as Nephi walked out of it. Tali, did you need a ride? Or did you want to walk for a while? She smiled at their little bard girl.

Of Moonlight, Curses, and a Valley
Leeli was comfortable straddling the wolf. Tera's bristly fur was like a warm rug which kept her knees away from the cold that was steadily coming in. Elle must've had reason for her sudden paranoia though Leeli wanted to bet that it wasn't the trees that she didn't trust. The werewolf, on the other hand... She watched his dark form melt back into the shadows in the hills. With the onset of night, he was getting harder to see, but when night truly fell, she felt that it would be all but impossible to see him except for those icy blue eyes which would probably glow two inches from her face before he ate her. The faerie woman shuddered and hunkered down further on the warm wolf, drawing comfort from their proximity.

Any seeds, berries, or fruit, Kail? Or is it grass tonight? She gave her lover a half hearted smile and swivelled her head around to look for anything that looked like it could produce something edible for a faerie. Unfortunately, nothing in the immediate area looked edible at all... Even the grass looks a little dry...

Dmitri took care to step lightly as he made his way up the slope. The werewolf knew that night was far too near to go back with a paltry handful of half dry twigs. They were already regarding him with suspicion. He could see it painted over Elle's eyes as she watched him, heard her ask the female bug questions, and he could only hope that Keira would... forgive him. He shuddered, fur flying around him in little poofs. The worst was to come. Higher he went. He had to be as near to the moon as he could.

Of Moonlight, Curses, and a Valley
Dmitri, finished with his circular digging, panted quietly. The dirt was thickly caked between his fingers and the coolness of it was soothing even if his skin was starting to feel prickly. He gave himself a shake, loosening up the fur of his coat. Only so much time...

He turned back to look at the others, not far away at all. I'll get sticks. Without waiting for an answer he bounded up the hillside into a patch of thicker, scrawny trees and brush plants clinging there for life and livelihood. The werewolf's nose was neither needed nor useful for finding wood, but he sniffed the earth and the trees, trying to get a scent of where he was going to. Higher was all he told himself. He picked up sticks in his mouth as he scouted about on all fours. It sat rough across his thick tongue, cutting it enough that he could taste his own blood mixing with his saliva. It was just a little, a small distraction from task at hand and his own preparations. There wasn't a lot of wood that had fallen off of the trees, but freshly cut branches would have been too wet for their fire needs. Though they would burn, they'd give off too much smoke which would allow anyone in the area to know they were there. And he couldn't... He shook his head vigorously, clearing the thought.

It wasn't long before the werewolf came bounding back, his arms held a small bundle of wood. It had been all that he could find nearby and wouldn't even last the whole night. They would need to sleep close together for warmth. Keira probably wouldn't like that. She was always bristling around Elle when the other woman came near even if it was for caretaking purposes. Even the girl bug relied on Elle more than Keira. It was a disjointed pack... He shook the thoughts aside and set the wood into the circle that he had dug earlier. Wood. I... It's not enough. I will look for more. He looked at Keira, a sadness written there in his eyes. The darkness was moving in swiftly, a breeze rolling back the clouds, pushing them towards the quickly fading light in the horizon.

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