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Welcome to the Earthenta Forums! All new members are welcome. Be sure to start up some interesting discussion, we need it! Also be sure to join in the caption contest, or drop by the chat topic. We also have an arcade, where you can play games and compete with other members for the highscore!

Also remember, we like to hear from you, so give us all your suggestions, requests, and feedback!

Please be sure to read the rules. There are some useful links to the left.

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Forum Rules
Read these rules and obey them when using this forum, the shoutbox, and the arcade. Not following them can result in a warning or worse, a ban.

No Porn - None whatsoever. No Hentai, Ecchi, Yaoi or Yuri either. This will result in an instant ban.

Be Polite - Don't lash out at others, and respect people's opinions.

No Flaming - Do not flame others or promote hate towards anyone on this site or another.

No Prejudice - No racism or sexism. Also be nice and tolerant to newbies.

No Spam - Don't make pointless or annoying posts.

No Chain Letters or Pyramid Schemes - Absolutely not. Do not post these kinds of things here.

Limit Other Languages - This includes 1337, Binary, Spanish, etc. While it is allowed to an extent, please remember that this is an English speaking forum.

Limit Double Posting - While in many cases it is okay, try to avoid it when possible.

Limit Swearing - The following words are allowed as long as they are not abused: crap, bastard, shit, ass and damn. Others are censored.

Finally, we also have several topics of discussion that are forbidden for various reasons. One or two words on these things is okay, but nothing more than that:

Religion, politics, abortion, drugs, ROMs, WAREZ, Happy Tree Friends, Grand Theft Auto, Bully (a video game,) Out War

That is the last of the rules. I thank you for reading them. There are some other things pertaining to the rules, but they are not directly the rules themselves, so if you want, you don't have to read them.

If you violate the rules you could be, at the moderating team's descretion: Be warned, suspended, put on Moderation (not being able to post without a moderator approving your messages), have your topics or posts edited or deleted, or be banned.

If you see a moderator or admin doing something you feel is a violation of the rules, or that is an abuse of their power, please send me (Axle the Beast) a message about it. And if you feel I did something wrong, I may be willing to listen if you PM me about it. Even if I disagree that I did anything wrong, I won't do anything to you as long as you're polite and of course following the above rules as all conduct on the forums is bound by them.

Thank you for reading the rules. Happy foruming!

-Axle the Beast (Site Webmaster)