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The following is a list of racial bonuses for beginning members. When you join as a custom or canon please include your race so we can give you the following bonuses:

Racial Bonuses.

Race Stat Bonuses Race Description Moves Move Descriptions
+5 Agility
+ 5 Ki
+5 MP
The Namekian people are generally a very peaceful race, but every now and then you get a bad apple that goes a bit nutty and tries to kill everyone. The general people are farmers and train under Guru. The Namekian people are also the inventors of the Dragonballs, and hold a lot of their ancient secrets safe. Namek Language, Fusion, Regeneration of limbs. Namek Language: Able to speak the Namek Language, sometimes they become planet Guardians.
Fusion: Able to become one with another Namek. (Example: Nail and Piccolo)
Regeneration of limbs: Able to regenerate limbs in combat or after combat.

+5 Str
+5 Agility
+3 Ki
+5 MP
Once a mighty warrior race the Saiyans were the most feared empire besides Frieza's, unfortunately for them Frieza feared their power as well and destroyed most of them while he could. They now rebuild their ranks and plan on becoming that once feared warrior race once again. They are technologically advanced. Health Bonus on full moons (Health x 10), Saiyan Language, +3 Ki Health Bonus on full moons (Health x 10)=They turn into a Oozaru
Saiyan Language: Able to speak the ancient language of the Saiyans. This language is still used on some planets that were conquered during the glory days.
+3 Ki, always a powerful warrior race. (This is figured into their ki stats already).
+5 Sta
+5 Ki
+9 MP
A true survival race, this race just never seems to completely die out. They are capable of great acts of destruction or empathy. The race is strongly ruled by their emotions and a sense of right and wrong. They are technologically very advanced. Humans are very adaptable and quick to learn new things. Quick wit, Common Language, +6 Mps [figured into points already] Quick wit (1 dodge in battle)
Common Language
+6 Mps (able to learn quickly)
+5 Ki,
+5 Sta
+5 MP
Aliens come from all walks of life and live throughout the galaxy. Little is known about them, because there are so many. Can breathe in space, Galatic Language, Fiend Can breathe in space
Galatic Language
Fiend (One sneak attack)
+10 Ki
+5 MP
Demons creep and crawl from all regions of the Universe. They are led by Dabura, but every now and then you will find a demon that branches off on his or her own to destroy and kill innocent creatures in the Universe. They show no mercy and feel no regret. They go where they can gain power. A lot of them are attracted to the Majin power. Demonic Language, Cloak of Darkness, Hatred Demonic Language, able to speak to other demons
Cloak of Darkness: Able to make your opponent miss a attack once a battle
Hatred: Able to increase their damage to any move by 10 points in battle one time.
+5 Ki
+5 Str
+5 MP
The mastermind's behind the invention of the true Android's would be Dr. Briefs and Dr. Gero. Both created these metal beings for two different reasons. Dr. Gero was hellbent on world domination and created three different kinds. Whilst Dr. Briefs was trying to counter act the evil that Dr. Gero created and help society with their day to day chores. Eventually Bulma took on this role when her father became to senile to continue. The androids are quick, intelligent, and quickly replacing humans. Barrier, Energy Absorption, Data Analyzer Barrier (Used once in battle to block a move)
Energy Absorption
Data Analyzer (Able to read power levels)

Special thanks to Old Android 17 and Old Neizu for their input and ideas.

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