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The Executioner
Topic Started: Jan 6 2012, 03:04 AM (1,117 Views)
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The Avenging Hell Slayer
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Name: Alastor the Executioner

Age: Over 1000

Former Occupation: None, Currently Baal’s executioner/hunter

Basic Skills: Skilled sword fighter. Skilled hand to hand combatant. Skill hunter and tracker. Skilled at using Dark Magic can assume a demonic form at will to boost power.

Former Place of Residence: Hell now resides in The Black City

Tools of Trade (don’t have to be weaponry): Large Zweihander demoinic blade with skulls on it. Can surprisingly swing the sword using only one arm. Large demonic gauntlet on his left arm which allows for extra strength in punches and absorb souls of the dead. Demon Horse.

Appearance (basic features including height and weight):6’4”, about 215 lbs (7’5”, 300 lbs in demon form) Alastor is well built, like one would expect someone that’s been fighting their entire life. His hair is long and white falling past his shoulders he has dark black eyes which normally turn red. His skin is really pale, and he looks like someone in their mid to late 30s. He has a unique mark on his head which looks like the Omega symbol. However, like many powerful demons this is just a front that Alastor puts on. His true form is that of a huge fiery like demon. One can be made out of this form is that its eyes are blood red and it has large claws a tail and horns.
Posted Image

Alastors True Appearance
Posted Image

Clothes: Alastor wears a red hood that’s tattered down his back with gold trimmings that he tends to always wear over his face. The red teathered clothing is seen throughout his outfit. Underneath it he wears a black under armor outfit. He had golden armor on his shoulders and a belt around his waist that goes up to his chest. His shoulder pads have demonic faces on it representing his demon form on his left arm and Baal’s face on his right arm. On his right leg he has a golden knee pad that has a demon face on it his left knee pad has demon claws on it. His entire set of armor is made out demon bone (From several hundred goatmen he’s killed over the years) and looks as if its been in and out battle showing multiple breaks and scuffs. His large gauntlet on his left arm is black demon bones with red carvings in it. The carvings have the ability to absorb the souls of his slayed opponents.
Posted Image

Personality: Alastor is a soldier by heart, and a warrior. Once he takes a mission he will see through to the end no matter what that mission is. He shows little to no emotion towards anyone at all and doesn't have many friends. Nor does he want many. While he may not look it he very wise due to how long he's been alive and has a very strategic mind which is why he leads one of Baal's most praised squads. This as well as being in charge of training new recruits and potential gladiators.

One thing that Alastor differs from most demons is that he is extremely honorable. He will never attack an oppoenent who is unarmed. And prefers one on one combat if it is possible. While this is true do not mistake his honor for kindness in battle the demon is ruthless and will see to it that his side is victorious.

History: When the demon now known as Alastor came into being the three Prime Evils already ruled over hell having divided much of it up into their own territories. Alastor was thought of as a rather weak demon in his early days thus he was sold into slavery in hell. During this time the young demon was like many other demons put into the arena for the amusement of other demons. However, something happened that none of the other top demons saw coming. Alastor could fight, not only that but he was much more powerful than many of his demon brothern gave him credit for. The nameless demon stayed in the arena for 100 years before finally earning his freedom.

Baal especially took interest in this as the young nameless demon exhibited pure destructive power. Something that the Devil King Baal fed on. Thus the unknown demon was taken in and put into Baal’s Legion. The demon was more than a goatman, more than most demons knew how to classify him. Thus they called him a Chaos Demon one made up a pure destruction. Though many demons took note that the young demon looked much like the Prime Evil Diablo, though no one would out right say so.

For the next 200 years the Demon with no name in Baal’s army. He was instrumental in crushing several of the lower demons during the Lesser Evil wars. When several lower demons tried to take the place of the Prime Evils. The demon with no name began to accumulate much power, so much so that very soon he no longer needed to stay in his demonic form to wield such power. This power caused great fear with many other demons especially Baal who thought that soon the nameless demon would rise up to take his place. Making a deal with Lucifer Baal trapped much Alastor’s demonic powers in his blade the Chaos Eater meaning the only way Alastor could use his true strength would be the with the help of the sword.

Though this serverly weakened the demon he was still stronger than most. He proved to be much stronger than any of Baal’s current generals. Baal saw this and realized that if the nameless demon ever caught wind of what really happened he could lead his own uprising against the prime evil. Deciding it would better to keep a closer eye on the demon Baal made the nameless demon one of his new generals and gave him the name Alastor the Executioner. Alastor gladly accepted the position and started to serve as general of Baal’s 10th legion of demons.

For the next 100 years Alastor fought in many great battles. Leading the 10th Legion to victory over many of the demonic hordes who wished to try and dethrone his master. Soon Baal’s army along with Diablo’s and Mephisto’s had conquered all of hell and all of their enemies were put into slavery. Alastor became one of the trainers of Baal’s army as well as gladiator trainer. Also during this time Alastor met Lilith who was part of Baal’s harem. The two really connected and as a gift Baal allowed Alastor to take Lilith as his own, the two have been together since.

It wasn’t another 100 years until Alastor would actually see the battlefield again when the Archangel Michael tried to force open the gates of heaven to the plain of Pangea. This also opened up the gates of hell. Though the demons didn’t know what to make of it at first soon they discovered what this meant. The armies of hell gathered quickly, Baal at the fore front ready to spread his destruction across Pangea. Alastor was to lead his division into battle following Gaap and his division. During the first steps on Pangea they were met with resistance from a small human faction which was easily defeated.

From here the army was split into two bodies, Gaap was ordered to head off the forces of the Celestial Hosts in the western area while Alastor was charged with finding a suitable place for Baal to set up. He did just that in the country of Paradisio. Alastor made haste in taking the country trying to beat Baal’s brothers Mephisto and Diablo in taking over the human world. Alastor’s army met stiff resistence however with the Knight Guard in Paradisio. The Seige took 8 months but Alastor’s forces finally pushed the Knight Guard back to the Capital of Isis.

During this time Alastor also noted several of the humans fighting potential, deciding that he would take a few to train for the arena. In the final battle for Paradisio Alastor fought against the lead Knight Guard in single combat. The man was a tough opponent but Alastor still dispatched him, when he fell many of the soldiers gave up as well. Though there were few who refused to go down without a fight. These were the ones that Alastor spared, all of the soldiers who gave up when their commander died Alastor had executed along with the unneeded civilians.

Taking the city gave Alastor a promotion he was right under the command of Baal now second only to Gaap. He and Lilith were allowed to live in the Black Tower though Alastor regularly traveled to the city to train the Gladiators. One in particular seemed to be dead set on not dying. The young man named was Drake and Alastor saw in the young human the same thing he saw in himself as a young demon. Drake was able to defeat the 200 men in the two year tournament and earned himself Alastor’s mark as proof that he was a gladiator. Alastor also bestowed the name Hellion on the young man much as Baal gave him his name.

Alastor was proud to see that Drake was able to keep up in the arena and win. He gave the boy two blades that mimicked his own Chaos eater in the fact that they ate the souls of slain enemies. Alastor had the boy scheduled to be turned into a full demon and put under his command. However the day that this was to happen a renegade angel attacked, believed to be part of the fabled Hell Guard. Alastor was in the Tower at the time and didn’t make it to the battle. Once he arrived he found that several slaves including Drake had escaped.

Baal was not happy about this but didn’t blame Alastor. Alastor asked for the chance to go recapture Drake and his comrades but Baal told him he had other plans for him. He told him he was to travel to the Odio Desert to meet with Mephisto.

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The Avenging Hell Slayer
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