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James Winslow; Astronaut
Topic Started: 2nd February 2012 - 12:49 AM (315 Views)
Name:[/b ]"The names James Winslow. Nice to meet you."
Age: "I'm thirty two or so, stopped counting my birthday after
Height: "I'm about six foot five, yes I know, I'm fairly tall."
Weight: "I'm roughly around two-ten to about two-twenty."

Appearance: "I'm very built, and it's important to be as a C-Sec officer. If you can see I've got blue eyes a chin beard, along with my buzz-cut black hair."

Personality: "I've been jumpy on many points and experienced some things a man shouldn't have to. I've been in the army and I couldn't take the blood shed any more so I had to get out of there, and I did. I'm somewhat stable, I get set off by somewhat loud noises as I have P.T.S.D."

History: "I was born on Earth and have been a trouble maker as my parents said. They sent me off to military school and ended up disowning me in front of my own face. They try to send a letter every now and then, I sent a letter back saying **** off for being such supportive parents. I joined the army for hope that I would end myself, but only to have found new hope. I had started to make friends, they were like borthers. Though out platoon had been almost obliterated, save for a few poor souls, and my self, that survived. I couldn't take it anymore and left the army. I came back to Earth only to realize I'm not good at anything else besides soldiering, I was born a warrior, and that's how I will stay. Though my morals tell me to protect people and I've gained the rank of lieutenant first class before dropping out. People who needed new recruits and always seemed to have open contracts to sign, I ended up joining C-Sec. Keeping order and helping others, it fit me well. My first job had been aboard Freelance station, where after a mass suicide, things just got hard afterwards. After about only a year I had been transferred to a the Ishimura, which seemed to be an honour as it was one of the oldest planet crackers. I've spent about two years aboard the vessel and next thing I knew hell hit us, it hit us hard.

Job/Speciality: "I specialize in basic security for the ship."

Personal Items: "My trusty pistol, and my old rifle that I kept as a souvenir. I also cherish my badge as it tells me I'm someone, and I'm doing something... something important, and that's all I need."
Edited by Ernest, 2nd February 2012 - 05:53 PM.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Hey Ernest

This is looking pretty good except for one thing.

Posting has to be done in 3rd person im afraid instead of 1st, So instead of speaking as the character "I did this and that" it has to be "He/she/they did this and that".

From the looks of it though nothing else has to be changed and your sentences seem to fit both persons anyways.

"I specialize in basic security for the ship" would then be 'James specializes in basic security for the ship'.

etc. etc. :J

- Trinity.
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What Trinity said, a quick conversion of 1st person to 3rd is needed. I'd also like to see a slight expansion on the history and then we shall revise from there. :)
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I was going for a first person interview, it's how I do my character sheets on most sites. And don't worry I know it's third-person. I'll work on expanding the history a bit.
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