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Welcome to Darkness of the Unknown.

This is a guild originally created on Neopets, but once this world started to become bigger and bigger, we moved into a new area where there is freedom, and a significant lack of character limits.

Please register as your intended character's name!

Enjoy your stay~

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Rules and Regulations; Please read everything~
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[let's go back to the beginning]

General Rules

Rotating signatures! This means every post will show a random signature, which means if you can't decide which one you want, use them all! The code is:
[rotate] Image, text, or links here [rotate] More images, text, or whatever else [rotate]

"Rotate" needs to be before and after each part.

* Please Do not join if you are under thirteen. We allow cursing and some mature content. We need to make sure you're old enough to handle it.

* Please register as the name of the character you're playing. We allow multiple characters, but please do not take two at once. Stick around a bit, show us you're happy to stay, then take another one after that. Please make a new account for each character.

* When you post a character, the first thing you should do is post a character sheet. Post your character sheet in the Character Applications section. Someone will look into it within a day or two.

* When you're taking another character, list your characters in all your accounts. (At the very least, mark them all in your main account)

* A staff member will look over your application and move your character sheet into the Character Files section once it's been approved.

* Kadaj is the made up/OC king. Send any made ups to her for evaluation and she'll give you the yay/nay.

* Please try not to Exceed Five Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy characters max, and give minor characters some love; please attempt to refrain from having all of your players be protagonists.

* You can take as many Disney characters as you want on top of the character limit.

* Try to remain active, and if you're going away for a bit then try to give everyone some notice so we're not wondering where you went.

* Unfortunately, if you are inactive for an extended period of time without letting us know, your account will be moved into the "Inactive" group. If you do not return after attempts to get hold of you, your account may be removed. You are more than welcome to rejoin with your old character once you get back. Character sheets are never deleted, so just PM any staff member and they can pull out your application (Or any intros/role plays) and give it to you.

* After joining, your account will be removed in a week if you have not posted a character sheet. If you've been around and working on it, or haven't had time, there's no need to worry about it being removed. We're really not strict on this, we'll give you plenty of time.

* Members of DotU are active users of Tinychat. We have two rooms. One room is for members or potential members only, and the other is for anyone and everyone.

Role Playing

* Please do NOT role play anything more than make-outs. If you want to go "all the way", we have a different section for that. Please PM Riku or Kadaj for the link.

* Any topic marked "one on one" is for just two characters, if you would like to join, either post or message one of the people to ask if you can join.

* Any topic marked "open" is free for anyone to join, no need to ask.

* An "open one on one" is primarily one on one with an option for another character to join if they wish, think of it as an invitation.

* Try to keep posts more than two paragraphs. Use proper grammar. No godmoding, powerplaying, ect. The usual.


* In group role plays - when you're waiting for someone, wait a few days before skipping them. You don't need to wait a month for them, just move on if they're taking too long.

* Role plays are archived if they have had no posts in the last two months. If your role play is moved and you didn't want it to be moved, then let us know! PM any staff member and we will put it back into the section it was in before.

* If you finish a role play, let us know! We'll pin it and toss it into the archives.

* If you have an issue with someone, PM a Kadaj or Riku about it or talk to them personally. If you get into an argument in the Shoutbox, the accounts involved will be shoutbox banned for three days. With some exceptions, we're not blind, we can see who starts and finishes it.

* Please limit Shoutbox romance to just that, romance. Anything more than romantic make outs, cuddles/snuggles, and the like are prohibited. However, we do have a place where those kind of chatplays are done! Please go ahead and move any relations, be it role play or Shoutbox, to that place. It is a new site, registration is simple. Please PM Riku, or other staff, for the link.

* Targeting will get your board locked / deleted / warned. This means in any rant, rude comment, or otherwise offensive statement that can be traced back to a member of this site.

* Advertising, except through the "Ads" section, is completely prohibited. This means sending messages to people 'recruiting' them, posting links to forums in the Shoutbox, or posting them within the threads. If anyone is caught advertising their main account will be banned for three days. If you're caught doing it again, your account will be banned indefinitely. With exceptions in certain situations.

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[let's go back to the beginning]


* If you're going to invite someone to the forum, use your best judgment in making sure they can keep up. No need to ask if you can invite someone. Just bring them in.

* Advertise as much as you want! In fact, the more the better!

* As mentioned above, no one is permitted to advertise on this forum, aside from the 'ads' board.

Skin Credit

Catch and Release
Illbewaiting from DeviantART (Terra, Ventus, Aqua)
The RS Doujinshi circle (Sora)
Stock art for Threads of Fate (Rue, Mint)
Rachel from DeviantART (Lightning)
justyna from DeviantART (Yuna)

Well Thought out Twinkles
Nijuuni from DeviantART (Roxas, Axel, Tinkerbell)
Jayd Ait-Kacy from DeviantART (Zack, Chocobo)
Advent Children (Reno, Rude)

Memorialfire from DeviantART (Kairi, Xion, Namine)
Sajira from DeviantART (Riku)
Crystal Dragon from DeviantART (Joshua)

Forum Headers

The Pride Lands drawn by Vincent


Modern AU done by illbewaiting from DeviantART.

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[let's go back to the beginning]

Meet the Staff

Kadaj and Riku are a team. One does not do anything without the other's approval. Nothing happens unless both come to an agreement. Do not give either of them hell for a decision they made - they both did it

And Kadaj Edit/Says it usually takes some hours of skype arguing to come to our half assed agreements.

Other characters: Larxene, DiZ

The one who set up the site, organizes the forum itself, manages groups, and anything else behind the scenes to keep the forum running smoothly.

Other characters: Terra + Lingering Will, Saix, Zack

LOLBOSS. Pretty much does everything. Also the made-up king. All made ups should be screened through with Kadaj first.


Other characters: None

New members?! Roxas goes out and advertises. Finds new members to wrangle in to role play with. Not to mention an active part of DotU.

Other characters: Zidane, Cloud and Raikiu

Here's our idea man. Have new ideas for plot type things? Discuss with Yazoo.

Edited by Kadaj, Mar 1 2013, 05:35 AM.

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