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Welcome to Darkness of the Unknown.

This is a guild originally created on Neopets, but once this world started to become bigger and bigger, we moved into a new area where there is freedom, and a significant lack of character limits.

Please register as your intended character's name!

Enjoy your stay~

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Welcome to Darkness of the Unknown!

We are an active and awesome little community with very few limits. No characters are unplayable within the Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Square Enix fandom. Here are some quick links to help you out~

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Have trouble trying to remember the pesky Zetaboards pattern? Try a much simpler way, just type in DarknessoftheUnknown.com and it'll take you right here!

Don't know who to play? Take a peek at the Character Request thread and see who everyone wants to see!

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Please read everything in this section before posting anywhere or making an account. In here are the rules, the plot, and anything else you may want to know.
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Have something on your mind? Want collective input? Want to say something anonymously? This is the place to do it. This area is guest friendly.
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