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Dark Rain will be getting a re-skin. Have your voice heard, make your views and ideas known in the News & Updates section.
Dark Rain 2.0
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Dark Rain Newsletter

The Dark Rain Newsletter is a proud tradition here on Dark Rain. Unfortunately, due to lack of members, we have had to put the project on hold until there are people to write for it and, more importantly, people to read it. If you have any interest in joining the staff of the DRNL please contact Zammy. After you join the site, of course.

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Why should you join Dark Rain?

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No doubt you're asking yourself that question as you take your first browse of our community! Well, we have more than several reasons for you! Dark Rain is a close, camaraderie-orientated society full of members who have been friends for years, something that has pulled us through the harshest of times and out the other end in one piece. Does that mean it is so close-knit that you won't be able to find a niche? Not at all. Our members are always on the look out to welcome new members to the community and the role playing that occurs within.

The role play? Ah yes, the main reason you have sought us out and at the time being no doubt the most important reason to you. Dark Rain provides a myriad of role play opportunities for you in the form of a multi-genre based forum. Choose your favourite or currently preferred genre, seek out an already running role play or create one yourself! From fantastical adventures of magic, mystery and intrigue to quests of exploration amongst the stars and everything in between and around, there is no doubt that you will find something here to satisfy your needs! We even host forum-wide role plays for those members who like to interact in a wider world of imagination!

We're not just all about the role play though, as you will discover when you explore our forums at greater length. Our members enjoy spending their time in between role playing in the Member Café. Here there is a wide choice of things for you to partake in. Make banter in the General Discussion board where you can discuss music, show pictures and have fun with a load of forum games. Join in on one of our frequent and friendly contests for nifty rewards and renown amongst your fellows! Join one of our many member clubs perhaps or even apply for your own! As well as all this we even have our own section devoted to displaying your own creative works for other to admire, whether it be a fine piece of prose or poetry, to a work of masterful art!

Come and join us at Dark Rain, you won't regret it!

A brief description of Dark Rain!

Welcome to Dark Rain Roleplaying, version 2.0. With a commitment to excellency, and a frightening dedication to community, Dark Rain Roleplaying has been part of the creative writing scene since 2005. Tailored to fit any need, Dark Rain maintains a classic approach to it's forum layout, not leaning towards any one theme or storyline but giving all members an equal chance to write and join whichever story they choose. This respect for diversity permeates everything that represents Dark Rain, as in the past we have had a myriad of foreign speakers for whom English was a secondary language. It took three years, but eventually two administrators from the forums came up with a motto to explain Dark Rain in a nutshell.
"We're just sort of one big incesty family.... but without the incest."

We want you. You want us. Welcome to Dark Rain. Enjoy your stay, and we hope to see you soon.

More Discussion About the Site Skin

Posted by Hydro14 (Admins) at 24 Sep 2014, 19:12. 19 comments

You may recall that a while back I said I'd be doing something about the site's steadily failing theme. If you weren't around, to bring you all up to speed the hosting for the source files on a lot of the graphics that make up the main theme for Dark Rain has been expiring and since we've lost contact with the gentleman responsible for creating them we don't have access to backups anymore. So we've been patching it up with the buttons and images from the zetaboards defaults.

Concerning the skin I said I'd be making- suffice to say that a lot has changed in my life over the past year or so and since it looks like my career path is going to be heading in a direction some distance away from computing I can no longer justify the amount of time it'd take to learn Cascading Style Sheets for this, and I never really had the talent for graphics design needed anyway, I just liked to flatter myself by thinking I did.

What we do have though is a pair of skins that seem to be available for public use that we're considering replacing the Dark Rain skin with. I understand that it'll be a bit disheartening not to have our own unique skin anymore but at least the site's graphics will be consistent again.

Here's links to the example sites of each of them; I would welcome your thoughts.

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