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What is a club?
Firstly, it's a funny word. Secondly, it's a group of members with similar interests and goals -- be it roleplaying, artistic, career-oriented, scientific, religious, or anything. Clubs can be private or public, invite-only or open to all. Kind of like a roleplaying guild.

How do I make a club?
PM an administrator with:

  • Your club name
  • Two members (not including you) who are interested
  • A club description
  • Private or public access (if private, password required)
  • Rules on joining
  • And anything else they should know

A new forum will be made for your club specifically, and the club leader shall be given moderation privileges over the forum. The rest is up to you.

What if I want to remove my club?
PM an administrator with your request. Clubs will be removed after a year of inactivity, and all data will be cataloged.

Club Room

Password Protected Forum The Chapterhouse
Gather now my Brothers, forged in the crucible of battle and bonded in the blood of foes. You are my finest Space Marines, and in your honour this mighty Chapterhouse has been raised. We shall take counsel in its halls of glory, recite tales of deeds heroic and carve legends anew in the flesh of the iniquitous.
Club Access: Private
Club Leader: Chapter Master Arius Daemonis
Password Restricted Forum
Topics: 3 Replies: 2
Regular Forum The Guild Wars-ian Club
- For all you GWs Fans out there... That little spot on the side of your face where you can rage about the fabulous game all day long. Its free for all, though, you might want to play Guild Wars first...
Club Access: Open
Club Leader: Darky
GW2 - Which server? 20 Aug 2012, 14:47, By Hydro14
Topics: 6 Replies: 149
Password Protected Forum The Forsaken
Dark Rain has a rule regarding the content of threads and roleplays, appropriately minimising offence. The Forsaken is the exception to this rule, where such 'mature' topics and themes may be explored as the club members desire. Access is restricted.
Club Access: Private, invite or request
Club Leader: Hydro14
Password Restricted Forum
Topics: 30 Replies: 1,475
Regular Forum Minecraft/Terraria Club
For those who love sandbox games, a place to share your creations and recruit like-minded individuals for your projects or private servers.
Club Access: Open
Club Leader: Hydro14
Space Engineers Yesterday, 5:22 AM, By Hyede
Topics: 14 Replies: 330
Regular Forum The Dark Rain Testing Initiative
Welcome to the official Dark Rain collaboration with Apeture Science! With this initiative, we hope to bring science and the joys of testing to the brilliant among you. To join, just step inside and sign the waiver!
Club Access: Open
Club leader: TheZamboniKnight
Steam Names 21 May 2012, 12:39, By TheZamboniKnight
Topics: 2 Replies: 4

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